The Secret World Screenshot Tuesday

Our normal Monday night Secret World group was mostly MIA due to various issues, so as a replacement for a tale of our thrilling exploits, I’ll do a screenshot dump with commentary.

t1We need more missions involving this possessed wagon.  I really want to see what’s inside of it.

t2“Ritual preparation available on request” sign outside of a butcher shop in London.

t3Dude, Bigfoot is ripped.

t4I appreciate the sound effects that you hear when you get close to this arcade cabinet, but Funcom really needs to program in the ability to play this game.  How cool would that be?

t5I don’t know what amuses me more: That Sam Krieg has a musical in NYC, or that the Illuminati have taken out a billboard in Times Square advertising how little the population knows about the group.

t6Even the denizens of Hell like to have a good time!  Someone rigged the Overlook sign to read out “hell” and someone else doodled a cute little cartoon deviil on the side of the building here.

t7This is like every bad dream I ever had.

t8Don’t make him tell you twice!