Screenshot Thursday!

LOTRO still has it in the visuals department… one last landscape photo of Rohan before I cross over into Gondor. Dang that’s pretty.
And here’s me on the other side of the Paths of the Dead. Scary door, not-so-scary interior.
I would’ve been playing through Entanglement last night, but the WildStar/GW2 servers were being crushed under a DDOS attack. Got this groovy screenshot at least. Viney!
I have the thundercloud sky in my housing plot in WildStar, and I love these little clouds that float by. Cartoony is NOT a bad style decision, at least in my book.
Second shiphand mission upon which I met this very, very happy skeleton. With eyes. I might make this my new avatar. Reminds me a bit of the Mars Attacks guys.
Got this “sad face” portrait in one of my boomboxes — and I am really engrossed with it. My theory is that someone made this from a doodle a WildStar artist did one day.

6 Hilarious old-school magazine covers featuring MMOs

Today let’s take a walk down memory lane courtesy of archived magazines (the printed, offline versions) that featured MMOs.

hellgateThe impending failure of Hellgate London aside (although that armor design was pretty cool), I love reading the bylines.  “Mad Money Secrets for World of Warcraft” sounds like a good TV show, but what amused me the most was “Why do we complain but still play?”  Years later, we still don’t have a good answer to that.


That exclusive was not ultimately pointless wordsmithing.  Many Banthas died to bring us that information.ultima online

It’s just surreal to see Ultima Online — an MMO that’s still running and played to this game — featured alongside of games that probably most younger gamers today have never heard of.  Outlaws had a killer soundtrack, by the and tomorrow

More awesome bylines.  “OMFG WTF are they saying in chat?”  Did the magazine take the time to clinically spell out all of the swears?  “I hired a Chinese gold farmer.”  Shocking!  And my favorite, “Why you’re still playing The Sims Online.”  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

star trek online

Just in case we ever forget the travesty that was Vulcan Cleavage Girl (the original), here we go.  Don’t you like the “We boldly play what no man has played before” subtitle there?  As in, “We date girls this hot but you don’t”?  Maybe I’m reading into that too much.LOTROBeyond being a wonderfully ugly cover, the focus on LOTRO’s PvMP game is side-splitting when you realize just how tiny that population is.  It’s “radical” though!  And in-game protests are pointless.  When will we learn from our lazy folly?