Screenshot Sunday

One screenshot for each game I’m playing!

waterRiding my goat up a stream in LOTRO…

mathDoing combat math in DDO…

cheerCheering in WildStar…

ytipTripping big-time in Guild Wars 2…

doom…and stumbling upon certain doom in The Secret World.

Screenshot Thursday!

LOTRO still has it in the visuals department… one last landscape photo of Rohan before I cross over into Gondor. Dang that’s pretty.
And here’s me on the other side of the Paths of the Dead. Scary door, not-so-scary interior.
I would’ve been playing through Entanglement last night, but the WildStar/GW2 servers were being crushed under a DDOS attack. Got this groovy screenshot at least. Viney!
I have the thundercloud sky in my housing plot in WildStar, and I love these little clouds that float by. Cartoony is NOT a bad style decision, at least in my book.
Second shiphand mission upon which I met this very, very happy skeleton. With eyes. I might make this my new avatar. Reminds me a bit of the Mars Attacks guys.
Got this “sad face” portrait in one of my boomboxes — and I am really engrossed with it. My theory is that someone made this from a doodle a WildStar artist did one day.