Quote of the Day: Cynics

“This post is ask gamers one thing: don’t be so cynical. Of course games can be even more awesome. Of course developers can improve their methods. Of course players’ rights are important. Admitting any one of those things doesn’t deny any participant said things because this isn’t a zero sum game. We’re not suddenly evil just because we can afford to improve.”

~XP Chronicles

Quote of the Day: Community

“Finally, I had found a place where I could be a part of the community, truly one of the community! An equal. A place where my deafness was a non-issue and not a formidable barrier; where everybody were actually happy to type (or write) everything they wish to say rather than view that as a chore to be done as little as possible.”

~ Simcha

Quote of the Day: Customer Support

I could get past the massive amounts of bots, the bugs, but I cannot get past a company who does not value and want to help customers, one that doesn’t see value in keeping customers. In my eyes this is stealing, it is lazy, this is no way to handle a launch, the worst kind of thing you want to run into with any MMORPG.”

~ ECTMMO.com