Quote of the Day: Trait revamp

“Between the level increase to unlock traits (seriously, waiting until level 30 is terrible. If it had to have been changed, it should have been to level 20, at the highest), and the requirements to then unlock traits, I see this as being something that is more likely to hinder and put off new players, rather than make it easier, as was the intention.”

~ Under the Pale Tree

Go forth and read!

“How the removal of the minuscule cost of repairing your armor, somewhere around 8 silver if you turn up at the repair shop in your underwear at level 80, is supposed to compensate for what might be a heavy nerf to cash income from Champion bags, any one of which can theoretically provide enough silver to pay your repair costs for the whole day, beats me and everyone else.”

~ Inventory Full on Guild Wars 2′s upcoming feature pack


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Quote of the Day: Play together

“Wildstar uses two interesting systems to allow people to play together. Mentoring isn’t new, as GW2 has this as well. You can lower your level to play with friends. Unlike GW2′s automatic downleveling, it’s a toggle. Rallying will adjust everyone’s level to be the max for an area. In a dungeon this means everyone entering it will be the max level for this dungeon, so e.g. level 20 for Stormtalon’s Lair. This also affects people who haven’t reached this level yet. You’re level 17 but want to do Stormtalon’s Lair already? No problem, your stats will scale up. Being able to play with friends is a cool thing. I like.”

~ To Boldly Nerd (great WildStar overview, by the way)

Quotes of the Day: Body parts and heavy metal

“Contrary to the popular notion Wildstar isn’t WoW, more importantly does not feel like WoW. Much rather I would say this: Wildstar is heavy metal.”

~ MMO Gypsy


“More disturbing are the guys that want body parts. Tanners and butchers I can let slide, but when people start asking for paws or ears or eyeballs do you ever stop and wonder what they do with it? Or do you just go at face value of, I need the eyeballs to break a magic spell excuse?”

~ JVT Workshop

Quote of the Day: Admin mode

“The best argument for admin mode is clearly this: some players just love to build but not gather. While gathering, maybe similar to leveling up new characters in MMOs, is fun to some players, there is an audience for every sandbox building game that are exclusively there to do one thing and one thing only: to build dazzling worlds and run rampant with their imagination.”

~ MMO Gypsy