For those who like to listen to me for whatever reason (my nasally voice?), I appear on three regular podcasts.

I’ve been on Massively Speaking for over 100 episodes as one of the co-hosts.  It mainly deals with weekly news and analysis.  I won’t list these by episode, but you’re welcome to check them out on the site.

Battle Bards is the world’s only MMO music podcast.  Myself, Syl, and Steff meet on a bi-weekly basis to share our favorite tunes from MMO soundtracks.  Occasionally, we get the game’s composer to join us for the fun.

Too Long; Didn’t Listen was an opinion show where Dodge and I took two topics and trie to give our take on them in 30 minutes or less (or the next podcast is free).  While the show lives on, both of us retired from doing it.

14 thoughts on “Podcasts

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  2. You should list past games and toons/servers… for those with nostalgia. I remember seeing you in WAR and getting uncomfortably excited… enough that I didn’t say anything out of fear of you not caring. Oh, and you should play LoL, it’s fun. Any interest in WoH?

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