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Welcome to Bio Break!

Hello and welcome to Bio Break, a blog devoted to MMORPGs, RPGs, and games that don’t have “RPG” in them!

I’m Syp, a 32-year-old gamer/writer/fugitive. You may or may not know me from my other blog, WAAAGH!, which covers Warhammer Online in all sorts of crazy ways. As a prolific writer and lifelong gamer, I’ve become addicted to the blogging scene, and my experience with WAAAGH! has taught me that I want more, more, MORE!

While I love to blog at WAAAGH!, from time to time I’ve been wanting to comment on other games as well, most notably MMOs and RPGs. That doesn’t fit so well in a Warhammer Online-specific blog, and rather than stretch the credibility of that blog too far, I decided to carve out another niche in the blogosphere and create Bio Break to handle the rest of my gaming interests.

So why “Bio Break”? Firstly, because “Exploding Sheep” was taken in the WordPress database. Alas. So I spent a few days brainstorming up terms, and finally settled on this one for three reasons:

  1. “Bio Break” is an odd MMO term that’s developed out of the necessity to do number one or number two in the bathroom, but nobody wanted to type out in chat “Hold on guys, I need to go tinkle.” Hence, “bio break” or “afk bio” was added to the MMO lexicon.
  2. I’m weirdly fascinated with how RPGs of all sorts deal with bathrooms. They all seem to have them, but there’s rarely anything in them, unless you like blowing up toilets (who doesn’t?) or flushing one and feeling the cool satisfaction of a job well done.
  3. Both the words “bio” and “break” are RPG staples, particularly in the Final Fantasy series — Bio often meaning “poison”, and limit “Breaks” of all kinds.

Unlike WAAAGH!, Bio Break is not going to be a daily updated blog, but rather a time-to-time journal of my thoughts on past, present and upcoming titles. Nostalgia will be a big factor, as will my eternal love for all things Chrono Trigger. So welcome, stay tuned, and keep your flies zipped!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Bio Break!

  1. One of the funniest bathroom NPC reactions is in Postal 2 where you beat someone down and they actually wet themselves…that game was sick, sadistic, and wickedly fun.

  2. You should use proper tags and categories to take advantage of being on the WordPress site. It will help organize your content better and more people will come to your site based on the various keywords you use! 🙂

    Just saying, it’s better to do this now when you have a few posts than six months from now when you have 10,000 (achievable at the pace you usually write at)! 😉

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