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Bio Break Revolution!

If anyone still reads this blog or took time to add it to their feed reader and then promptly wonder why I never update it — I apologize.  It’s not that I’m lazy or that this was a botched project, but more because the reason I created Bio Break was to fill a few uncertain niches in my blogging life right now, and also to prep for the future.

One of the joys of running a single title-devoted blog like WAAAGH! is that you can really buckle down and dissect a game, and not feel scattered or without a central theme.  One of the pitfalls is that my entire gaming interests do not solely reside in Warhammer Online, and I won’t be playing that title indefinitely — which means that blog will have a limited lifespan.  The converse of those two situations is where Bio Break is supposed to fit in.

Yet it’s a lot tougher to run a multi-game blog and promote it, because you are jumping around in topics and don’t fit neatly into any one game’s community.  I have a lot to say about MMOs and RPGs, but I don’t wish to appear completely discombobulated.

I don’t envision Bio Break being updated more than one or twice a week in the near future, but I will make more of an effort to keep it going on a semi-regular schedule, because I do want to build up a readership here and talk about other games as they approach — such as Champions Online, my #1 most anticipated title for 2009.

So if you’ve made an effort to read me and keep me on your horizon, thanks.  If you want to trade links, I’m pretty open to that as well.

More to come — I’m too chatty to shut up for long!

2 thoughts on “Bio Break Revolution!

  1. “More to come — I’m too chatty to shut up for long!”

    So you say! Where’s mah Bio-Break posts?!

    I’m too much of a multi-tasker multi-gamer to be able to write about a single game — and even when I do it usually ends up referencing everything else I’ve played or want to play, so I sometimes envy you the close focus of WAAGH. Doesn’t that make it hard to find stuff to write about though, day after day?

  2. You’d think so, but not really. I never force myself to write — usually a topic just pops into mind from last night’s play experience, and I go from there. Some days I get ahead of myself and pre-write a few articles to save up for a dry day.

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