Champions Online: 2 Legit 2 Quit

MMORPG got Bill Roper on the line to talk about combat, including how CoH and Champions combat differs.   I always liked CoH’s combat — it never seemed slow, nor confusing — being able to queue up attacks helped quite a bit.

Roper claims that Champions has a “fluid” combat system that’s neither twitch nor stand-still-and-fight — it sounds like they’re trying to find a sweet middle ground that many MMOs are moving in the direction of (Age of Conan, anyone?) yet not quite achieving.  He also talks a bit about how they’re handling endurance.

They do bring up a question about the fact that Champions is being launched for both PC and XBox — and PC players’ (valid) concerns about the game being dumbed down or whatnot.  We have yet to see cross-platform MMOs really take off, with only Final Fantasy XI being the exception.  Age of Conan promised it, but I haven’t heard anything about that lately.

In any case, having Champions launch for XBox too is both bad and good, in my opinion.  Bad, because there will be the temptation to dumb down the game for knuckle-headed console freaks who can’t fathom a game where you’re not winning unless you’re pressing one button very fast.  Bad, because XBox Live players aren’t well known for their maturity or sportsmanship.  Good, because XBox = more sales, and it could potentially help Champions grow massively.  Good, because we might well have the option to roll on PC-only servers, nixing my initial worries.

I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

3 thoughts on “Champions Online: 2 Legit 2 Quit

  1. I think that a PC only set of servers will lead the players to pull the game in different directions based on platform. Why should my computer experience be hampered by XBoxers when I’m on a PC only server? They are going to have to walk a very fine line here.

  2. And WoW is known for it’s mature and well-mannered players who enjoy good sportsmanship? *blink*

    Just like MMOs, XBL is comprised of people of all types.

    Granted, I segregate myself from the foul-mouthed little kiddies on XBL, but I do that in an MMO too.

    I still have my doubts to the viability of console MMOGs though, at least right now. I’d guesstimate the majority of XBL customers are Gold (premium) members, such as myself. They’re going to balk at paying their $50/year then $15/month for a MMOG. But then, didn’t we balk at paying to play back in the day before we tried it and saw the potential it offered?

    But I’m still looking forward to seeing a good console MMOG. I enjoy my 360 and my PC, I have no reason to get all elitist over either one. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. But I will say, especially in this economy, I’m getting tired of spending a LOT of money constantly upgrading hardware then still having to put up with glitchy games with poor performance on the PC because the devs have to code for so many hardware combinations. It’s so nice to have a unified hardware platform on a console so devs can optimize their game for that specific hardware. It’s shocking to see the difference on games like COD4, Fallout 3 or GTA4 when you compare 360 performance vs. PC.

  3. Any dumbing down would be done for reaching out to new PC users as much as Xboxers. The elusive non-MMO player market publishers go for. Almost as bad as the ones who are obsessed with getting WoW subscription levels. Good luck with that.

    CoX, WoW and FFXI all on the PC had their bunches of morons when I played. Except you didn’t have to listen to their voice, and with the mute option on XBL you don’t have to either.

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