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BattleForge: Forging A Better Battle Since 2009

BattleForge is a title I’ve been keeping a wary eye on for a half-year or so now. I got pretty burned on Magic: The Gathering Online (burned, not burned out), yet there’s a part of me that still craves a CCG-like experience that isn’t so kiddy-oriented it makes me want to vomit FisherPrice. As a combo RTS and CCG, it’s got potential to fill that slot in my gaming life.

However, cost is a big issue — MTGO was obscenely expensive if you wanted to remain competitive. I’m not going to get excited about this game before learning its monthly cost (if any) and the cost of boosters. It is heartening to hear that you can win cards in game as well.

Keen’s got a huge beta review up of BattleForge, and it’s worth a read. Infective Agents takes the opposite stance, to give you a counterpoint.

2 thoughts on “BattleForge: Forging A Better Battle Since 2009

  1. Apparently there isn’t a monthly cost… just the boosters, which you can buy if you so choose. You can also trade in the marketplace and you win cards at the end of matches too. Seems like a good monetization model.

    -nick / reroller

  2. Saga ( is another RTS/CCG with no monthly subscription cost. I have a friend who has just expanded his collection by trading. No cost except the initial $15.

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