Tuesday’s Tiny Adventures

I’m still digging myself out of a really long, busy weekend of work and school, so instead of any one topic today… many mini-topics!

D&D Tiny Adventures

I’m not a total Facebook freak, but I do enjoy staying in touch with friends and family through it.  Lately I’ve been hearing buzz about a fun little app called D&D Tiny Adventures that I finally gave a whirl, and darn it if it isn’t engaging.  It’s essentially a quick-and-dirty D&D solo game, where you just pick a hero class, pick an adventure, and then your guy goes off to complete the adventure by him or herself over the next couple hours.  There aren’t a lot of decisions you have to make as they quest — the encounters look to be settled by die rolls — except for inventory and potion management.  However, it’s just fun to see your guy doing his thing and getting goodies — and requiring little time for you to have to manage anything.  Fun for the multitasker like myself.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare’s released some more concept art for Hutta… um, whee?

Champions Online

There’s a new Ask Cryptic out, which deals with pets, defenses and advantages.  I thought this quote was particularly insightful as to how they’re trying to balance the mix-and-matching of powers:

Certain defenses are specifically tuned to synergize well with certain power sets. We are setting up the rules so that you can synergize any defense with any power set, you just have to deliberately take some build steps to do it, as opposed to it being the default. We build in some synergies so that we can easily point them out to players so we can say to players if you want to be this guy, here’s the simplest path to doing it.

This is the sense I’ve been getting from the dev team — that they want to let you choose any powers to match, in theory, but will give you incentive to choose synergetic or matching powers, and provide drawbacks or obstacles to going hogwild with weirdly mismatching powers.

Majesty 2 Preview

That VideoGame Blog has a decent Majesty 2 preview — which 95% of could apply fully to the first game.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing, don’t get me wrong; I was worried they’d monkey around with the formula too much.

One thought on “Tuesday’s Tiny Adventures

  1. Grr. Facebook’s D&D Tiny Adventures has me hooked. Like I don’t already have enough on my plate to distract me from work…not that I have much work at the moment (kind of slow around here) but still…Awesome find! 😉

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