Monday Madness!

493281954_3e65e19adb_mOkay, so I gave BattleForge a go and after a half hour decided… nope, not for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I do loves me some collectible card action, but the game is far too heavy on zerging and too light on any apparent strategy.  I took the 50 bucks I was going to spend on the preorder and dumped it into a three-month sub for City of Heroes.  In three months I will hopefully be in the Champions beta or the game will have launched (crosses fingers), so that gives me a quarter of the year to enjoy old school superhero antics.

One of my persistent problems with CoX is with creating characters I’m going to stick with for the long haul.  Yes, there’s lots of powersets and whatnot, but so many of them are incredibly narrow in function — and if you’re going to dump gobs of time into leveling a superhero, I can’t be looking forward to Yet Another Sword Attack in two levels.  I need variety and fun.  This is why, no matter how many times I’ve played this game, my choices on the hero side boil down to:

  • Dark/anything Defender (currently Dark/Psi) – For the dark fluffy pet and awesome group protection powers
  • Illusion/Rad or Kinetics Controller – Overplayed, but for a reason… so powerful that the other controller sets look like lame ducks in comparison

I’ve dipped my toes into Scrapperdom, tested the waters of Tankers, and outright sneered at Blasters (silly gits, getting themselves killed while I live to fight another day).  I’m especially disenchanted with some of the protection sets that don’t let you use more than half the powers you get on yourself, which makes me want to get them not at all.

This is why Champions’ character creation will appeal to me even more — I don’t want to be hemmed in by powersets and archtypes.  I want to pick powers that are fun and appealing, and not be forced down a path that is littered with garbage just to get a goodie at the end.

Oh, and I started back up with my addiction to Kingdom of Loathing.  Do I have the time for any of this?  Nope!

2 thoughts on “Monday Madness!

  1. Welcome back to CoX. I just resubbed myself about 2 weeks ago. I see that you tend to play Controllers and Defenders, those are the archtypes I play myself. The offer lots of options for handling diverse situations.

    Ill/Rad is a great play time. I have an Ill/Storm that is fun.

    Ill/ is one of the top fun specs to chose from
    and my favorite secondaries for fun are…
    /storm ( I really like storm, its one of those sets that ramps up in fun as you gain in levels.)

    If you like to group with people who have fun playing controllers and defenders check out Repeat Offenders. Its a huge coalition of SG’s. They play mostly hero and villain side on Freedom, Virtue, and Justice. The population is in that order iirc.

    the best thing i’ve found with RO is that they always anounce in the Repeat Offenders chat what groups are running and if there are any sidekick spots open.

    Not trying to advertise, but they are fun to hang out with.

    my global is @Sliders

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