Star Wars: Frozen in Carbonite

hk47Although it’s been greatly assumed otherwise — and completely true, considering the information we’ve been given — Star Wars: The Old Republic’s bounty hunter class is the FIRST officially-announced class in the game.  The Jedi and Sith are officially the main factions of the game, although there will most definitely be force-users on both sides.  MMOCrunch worries that the Bounty Hunters will be Sith-only, which might cause unbalance (complete unbalance right now, considering they’re the only real class).  But in lou of any other officially-announced classes, I felt the whim to speculate on what we might see, especially going back to KOTOR and KOTOR 2 as source material:

  • Scoundrels – A physically weaker but more agile and crafty rogue-type character with lots of tricks up his or her sleeves (the Jedi’s answer to Bounty Hunters?).
  • Droids – I can’t easily think of a MMORPG that lets you play as a robot.  If SWTOR does, I’ll leap at the chance to follow HK-47 in his murderous, meatbag-slinging steps.  Plus, upgrades would be visually awesome!
  • Jedi Guardian/Sentinel/Consular – If you’ll recall, KOTOR 1 eventually forced you to pick one of three Jedi specialties, which translated into a Jedi who was more offensively-based, defensively or balanced between the two.  The Sith could also have mirror classes to these three.
  • Soldier – Because sometimes you just want to sling blaster shots and heavy assault rifles all over the place.  This might be a popular class if they were allowed access to several types of specialized weapons that other classes couldn’t handle.
  • Mercenary – Somewhat of a cross between a soldier and bounty hunter, perhaps.  Might not be much of a difference in roles to justify one, unless it’s to be in the game instead of a soldier.
  • Gray Jedi – A Jedi gone rogue from the Jedi counsel, being neither friend nor foe to either side.
  • Scouts – Maybe… again, the measuring stick of TOR classes will always be Jedi.  If BioWare can’t make a class seem as or more appealing than a Jedi, then they should scrap it.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Frozen in Carbonite

  1. arbitrary March 30, 2009 / 8:04 am

    If I can play a droid then I might be interested. I played a droid in tabletop Star Wars, and I really really don’t want to be a Jedi.

  2. BVD March 30, 2009 / 9:17 am

    So… I can’t play one of those ridiculous-black-helmet wearing guys who always get blowsed-up on the Death Star in the movies?


    Haven’t played a lot of SW games, but when I have the Jedi characters usually feel a lot more powerful than anyone else. Then again, I think if they weren’t it would water down the Star Wars source material, as a Jedi is meant to be bad-ass.

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