Travel Powers and You

6a00d8341c630a53ef010535d04cd7970b-800wiSuperheroes get all the fun, sometimes, and that’s never so much true as when it comes to travel powers.  Whereas most other games boil down travel modes into three categories or less — running, using a mount/vehicle to go faster, using a flying machine to go in all directions — superheroes have a lot more options at their disposal.  Champions Online promises to boast more travel powers than City of Heroes (ice slide, anyone?), but I was already pleased with what the City games had to offer:

Super-Speed: In picking a travel power in City of Heroes, you always had to consider the preliminary power that was required in order to get access to what you truly wanted.  Super-Speed had a whiz-bang of a prelim power — Hasten — which would cut down on skill recharging.  Despite that and the 2nd fastest travel power in the game, SS never was too enticing for me.  Often in City of Heroes, you’d need to traverse terrain vertically, and that was a significant obstacle with SS.  Still, I’ve grown to appreciate it a little via its lesser counterpart in the kinetics set — being able to whoosh around makes you feel a bit like the Flash.

Super-Jumping: My personal favorite.  It has a great prelim power (Combat Jumping) that is always helpful, and super-jumping is one of the most fun ways to cross zones.  It’s quick and offers a sort of mini-game, as you time jumps from rooftop to rooftop in order to keep going higher.

Flight: As a travel power, I like it, even though it’s the slowest of the four.  It’s 100% useful and allows you to travel anywhere you like — plus, you can cross zones by pressing your auto-run key without needing to supervise the trip.  However, neither of the two prelim powers are attractive at all to me, and you really have to invest in some flight enhancements to get this on par with other travel powers.

Teleportation: Personally, it’s the least fun travel power in the group, even though it’s the fastest.  It requires a lot more work on your part to travel (you have to keep retargeting and using the power), and it doesn’t let you see the sights as you go along your merry way.  There is a good team-oriented prelim power here (teleport friend) that is always in high demand, but I could never justify it.


3 thoughts on “Travel Powers and You

  1. moxie March 25, 2009 / 9:14 am

    Super-Speed and Super-Jump were always my two favorites. Nothing beats bouncing around like an insano human beach ball for fun, and superspeed was neat for a change of pace. Considering that I already had Hasten, it was a no-brainer.

    There was also a power available when you bought the CE that was like a power slide with a purple glow, a bit of a throwback to the Silver Surfer. As I remember, it was fun for just running around but was too slow for crossing zones and such.

  2. Crimson Starfire March 25, 2009 / 8:57 pm

    Actually there is a bind command that allow you to Teleport without having to re-target:

    /bind lshift+lbutton “powexec_name Teleport”

    You just hold shift and keep left clicking. Makes life much easier, and Teleport becomes fun again. It’s also the most effective way to escape a battle you hadn’t counted on.

  3. Jason March 26, 2009 / 10:18 am

    I used this bizarre combination of Super Speed and Hover (fully six slotted for speed and defense at the time) and it worked great for me.

    Damn, I hate all of this talk about superhero games lately. It’s gonna force me to resub to CoX.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive who likes to sign his comments because it makes them 10x more valid)

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