WAR: Can I Get Some Of These For Real Life?

wildcardGOA has introduced the new “Wildcard” system, which may or may not only apply to European players.  But it is certainly a fascinating feature to include in a MMO — a “do over” button that you can only use a set amount of times a year, possibly as a way to lighten the load for CSRs who often have to deal with these types of petitions.

It’s interesting to read the list of ways these wildcards can be applied — you can reverse a server transfer decision, but not un-delete a deleted character?  Hm.  And I don’t know if anyone would waste one of their three yearly wildcards on changing a need roll to a greed roll, but that’s just me.


One thought on “WAR: Can I Get Some Of These For Real Life?

  1. arbitrary April 1, 2009 / 1:23 am

    The thing is, for most of us the need/greed thing is more likely on a daily basis. I can’t see myself ever using it, but I like the idea too.

    Mind you, I also like the Wild Cards books! That’d be a good MMO.

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