LOTRO: The Twilight Zone

the-twilight-zoneI’m stuck in the Twilight Zone, again.

One of my least-favorite zones in LOTRO, from both two years ago and now, is the Lone-Lands.  Sure, the sight of Weathertop is cool and all that, but the rest of the place is pure blah, the epic story forgettable, and the quests endless.  And I’ve been stuck here for well over three weeks now.

Have you ever experienced this in MMOs?  I don’t have a better term for it other than calling it the Twilight Zone, but that’s my own creation.  It’s when you find yourself stuck in a zone for a seemingly endless amount of days, for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You haven’t leveled up high enough to progress to the next (higher level) zone
  • You haven’t finished all the quests and you’re a completionist
  • There are big goals you have yet to accomplish there, some that necessitate groups that you can never find

That’s me.  That’s Lone-Lands.  Admittedly, the past week or so I haven’t been able to log on much, mostly because there’s a little 7-pound person in my house that craves cuddling, but when I do it’s an endless limbo of repeated events: run around doing solo quests, slowly work toward virtues, and wistfully watch the LFF channel to see if a GA group might start up (when you have a kid in the lap, it’s not the best idea to be the person to volunteer and lead it).

I want to move on.  I know that North Downs is next, and I’m equally unexcited about that zone too, but after that comes content I’ve never experienced in LOTRO up to this point (my previous character 2 years ago was level 32, and my LM now is 27).  I can’t wait to hit Moria content and start fiddling with leveling up legendary items.  I really, really want to work on my Warden/Minstrel/Rune-Keeper/Captain alts, but I’ll feel guilty if I don’t get this guy up to the level cap first in order to group with my kinship more often.

And so I’m stuck in the Twilight Zone, putzing around without enough energy to punch through the wall and move on to greater things.  Hang in there, I keep telling myself.  Even Frodo had to grind out six levels before leaving the place, and that was only due to medical disability.

9 thoughts on “LOTRO: The Twilight Zone

  1. I really enjoy your blog!

    I only play one MMO so for me, that dead-zone where I was stuck forever and ever was High Pass in WAR.

    My first toon went through the Empire/Chaos zones before Mythic tweeked leveling and it seemed like I would never get out of there. It wasn’t due to an over abundance of quests but I was trying to do all the PQs and did my fair share of RvR.

    I guess the added disdain I have for High Pass is that it’s a snow zone. I’m not a winter person and it seems no matter the game … I always hate the snow level. 🙂

  2. Early 40’s on every toon in Spazeroth, specifically Tanaris.
    Done everything else, have a couple of other zones to play in but the quests are few and far between so you usually end up hitting the grind wagon. I have deleted a couple of toons after stalling around there. Combination of horrible class to play at that level and nothing to do. Hey ho!

    I think things are better now, another new hub was added for the level and pushing toons through that wall is a little easier due to levelling requirements being tuned down.

  3. There are some great zones before you hit Moria, notably Forochel and Eregion. Also, the Angmar revamp back in Book 12 made it much more tolerable. Additionally, there are some great quests in Goblin Town (Misty Mountains), and Tal Bruinen (Trollshaws).

    In the medium-term, Evendim is quite nice, and you should definitely consider heading there ASAP instead of dawdling too long in the Lone-lands and North Downs. The best strategy is probably to flit around between the various zones with quests at your level in order to avoid zone fatigue!

  4. Good to know — I’ll probably give that a go then! I’m just a wee bit of a completionist, so it’s hard for me to move on without tidying up my quest log.

  5. Add me to the “Oh, man, not the Lone Lands AGAIN” group. Please! A majority of my alts are sitting at 19 at this point, mostly because I really really really don’t feel like hitting the Lone Lands again.

    The second character that I JUST blitzed through to level 35 for her mount this weekend… well, I endured the LLs by simply stacking as many quests as I could possibly stack for the same thing whenever I forsaw the chance. The major problem is, once you move away from the Forsaken Inn, you get one quest after another to kill those wargs. I would spend 90% of my time running up and down the area just looking for the wargs I needed to kill. More time looking than killing. This is one of the few zones I’ve really have had this problem with in LOTRO.

    With it being welcome back week, there could be just too many folks in this area all hunting for the same wargs. Even spiders seemed scant at times! Once you move along, seems like folks are spread out a bit more.

    I enjoyed the North Downs far more — maybe it’s just because I was so glad to be out of the Lone Lands? But getting to Evendim was fantastic (besides the amount of swimming involved) and dabbling in the Trollshaws really makes up for the pain of the previous zones.

    Hang in there! Just focus on one quest at a time. Keep in mind that each objective overcome is a step closer to where you want to be. It’s well worth it to see Rivendell! I’ll be cheering for you!

  6. I guess I’ve played through the content enough times and watched each content update over the past couple years that Lone Lands just doesn’t bother me anymore. I’ll hit the edge of it around level 14 and bounce back and forth between Bree and Lone Lands for a few levels, then the first few North Downs quests are doable. In my 20’s I can easily pick and choose between all 3 zones depending what I’m in the mood for, so I want to solo or group, etc. In late 20’s to early 30’s you can start doing the Shire section of Evendim (been awhile, I can’t think of the name of the town). There’s a quest chain that will direct you there if you happen to do it, otherwise just head there and do them. Once in your 30’s I’m done with Bree but there’s still North Downs content and Evendim will take you into the late 30’s, at which point you’re also able to do Trollshaws content into the early 40’s where you can also start working on Forochel, Angmar and Misty Mountains which will take you to 50 and into Eregion, and you’re ready for Moria around 53. So really, at any given point, there are 2-3 zones for your level bracket and no reason to think you’re stuck in a single zone.

  7. Everybody complains about the Lone Lands, but I think the North Downs is much worse! I feel like I’m stuck in ND for much longer, and overall I find it much less interesting. I feel a sense of dread when an alt reaches the ND level range, and a real sense of relief when I finally get out of ND.

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