Poll: Champions Online’s Naming Policy

Reference: from “Ask Cryptic”:

Rejoice, the days of name-squatting are over! In Champions Online, character names are unique to a single player’s account. Everyone can now be “Odysseus.” Each account can only have one “Odysseus,” though. If Champions Online can’t figure out the precise character you’re referring to, you specify the player who owns the character. This is done by appending the player’s handle (also call an @name or public name) to it. For example, “Odysseus@poz,” “Odysseus@Simmons,” and “Odysseus@Homer.”

6 thoughts on “Poll: Champions Online’s Naming Policy

  1. Its an interesting idea, although vulnerable to impersonation if players don’t know the public name of the character. For example, CoolDude@realguy and CoolDude@scamartist can be confused, especially among players new to the naming system.

    That said I’m reserving judgment until its released since they’re willing to try something different.

  2. I’m not really a fan of this naming scheme. I know it can be frustrating to start a new character and find that the name you had in mind is already taken. When that’s happened to me I just figured that I needed to be a little more creative.

    Hopefully, you will get a notice that the name is already in use and can opt to choose another name instead of automatically being assigned Bob@Smith. Seeing people run around with random X’s before or after their names can be irritating, but I don’t see how the @Blah will be any better.

    Besides, I’m not sure how many DarkFoxRavenFires and Sephiroths I can stand seeing.

  3. Well, it is better than Legolas, Legolaz, Lagolaz, Legolas1337 and Legolas09. Also better than Sephiroth, Sepiroth, Sephirot, …. ….

    What do you say, Cutfroat? 🙂

  4. So rather than Legolas, Leggolas, Legolaas, we’ll see Legolas, Legolas, Legolas? I say ‘Nay’. All it does is promote unoriginality.

  5. Longasc – Actually, if the ‘@blah’ isn’t going to show up over people’s heads then I guess it’s not so bad. If it’s something that only comes into play for /tells or mail then it will be preferable to tortured spelling or bonus digits. Although, that presents a problem if you want to /whisper someone but don’t know their public name.

    Now I want to have a small super group where each of the characters have the same name and a similar appearance. They could each be from an alternate reality or different aspects of the same person that somehow got separated.

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