Whine On!

Aaaaaand I guess there’s misinformation going all over the place. Official word is that the NDA (you know, the one us pesky peons are under) is still in effect, but the press’ is lifted.

I’m press, right? RIGHT?

How this makes sense is beyond me…

9 thoughts on “Whine On!

  1. I don’t see how you aren’t press. Plenty of bloggers get press passes to things and special perks. Why shouldn’t you consider yourself press?

    IMHO the NDA for you has been lifted.

  2. You would be considered press if you had signed the Press NDA. If you signed the regular NDA, you are not in the beta as a member of the press.

  3. Hey Syp, when and if you do post your impressions, could you please take time to go into detail regarding the travel powers? I really want to see how they work so I can build my Champ accordingly.

    Thanks again. We await your updates.

  4. Send them a Flippin email Syp. They don’t know the juggernaut that you can make for them, because they obviously didn’t play WAR. You should let them know for their own sake. Just saying.

  5. As for me, I’ll wait to see what YOU have to say. The press is probably in their pocket anyways so any review from them wouldn’t be half as good as from you.

  6. @ Vesta – Well I am certainly no great fount of wisdom, but I will give it to you straight when the time comes.

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