7 thoughts on “Star Trek was…

  1. Werit May 9, 2009 / 3:24 pm

    I am not in any hurry to see Star Trek. The previews make it look like any other modern action film. I saw modern, because 80’s action movies were the pinnacle 🙂

  2. skarbd May 9, 2009 / 6:32 pm

    Star Trek XI was Exhilarating.

    Watch it on IMAX and treat yourself.

    It makes the old films, look tired.

  3. Longasc May 9, 2009 / 6:43 pm

    I have a more negative impression of the movie and also fear the consequences of “rebooting” the series with this time travel somewhat.

    And yes, there were more than some illogical things in this movie, but Abrams never cared for logic. In fact he is kicking it with the feet. Much too much for my taste.

    A sexy Uhura is cool, the new Scotty something to get used to, Chekov is just making a funny speech and Kirk… well, he is an idiot.

    What? You just thought “so nothing has changed”? No, Kirk was always cowboy at heart, but never such a jerk as the new one…

  4. Longasc May 9, 2009 / 6:43 pm

    And yeah, too many fast cuts, totally irritating style, I hope Hollywood gets over it soon.

  5. Vort May 10, 2009 / 10:03 am

    I found it entertaining. It wasn’t for purest, and I’m glad, because then the movie would not have the success it is having right now.

    I liked the overall story and some of the liberties they took in respects to technology. The villain was the only weak part in the movie.

  6. Snafzg May 10, 2009 / 3:31 pm

    I really enjoyed it but there were definitely a few annoying parts for me.

    – Loved the kid as Charlie Bartlett but he is kind of a lame Chekov

    – The villain was pretty shallow and why he turned to villainy has been done a hundred times before

    – It all felt a bit rushed

    That said, I think it did a good job all around. I like the potential sequels this storyline has opened up and they made some great casting decisions for the most part. Is Kirk a bit more jerky than the original? Sure he is, but this is a completely alternate reality version of him.

    It’s an alternative universe and I’m excited to see where they’ll take it. I did like the subtle redshirt bit as Kirk, Sulu, and what’s his face in the red shirt (that wasn’t made overly obvious) went down to the mining laser.

  7. Zubon May 11, 2009 / 5:20 pm

    Snafzg, I must say, the red-shirting was COMPLETELY obvious. Maybe that was just me, but the third guy, someone new, was off-camera during the briefing. “This guy is so dead.” Then we flash by him. “Holy crap, was he in a red shirt? This guy is so dead.” And then he is really gung-ho. “So dead.” And then he died faster than even I expected.

    I enjoyed it. If I knew nothing about black holes, I might not have been cringing about the plot driver. Still, Zachary Quinto was great, and if you like genius frat boys, there’s your Kirk. Sulu was kind of wasted, but I guess they felt obliged to include him.

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