Age of Conan: “Content”

This is pretty funny. Pretty dang funny, actually.

  • Step One: Announce a special one year event for your game.
  • Step Two: When players show up, don’t have much, if any, content for it.
  • Step Three: Tell the players that THEY were supposed to create the content for the event, so why whine?
  • Step Four: Wonder why people continue to spit on your company.

I guess this is like if I sent out invitations to a killer party, and everyone showed up to an empty room, with me expressing disbelief that nobody brought snacks, music, games or a pair of llamas to race.

6 thoughts on “Age of Conan: “Content”

  1. The problem is that you cannot do anything of that in AoC.

    Not only in AoC, the possible activities in modern MMOs are very limited. You can chat and fire some fireworks. In GW you can drink booze and dance.

    No wonder this will become a lame party. They could have at least have a dev show up to chat with the players.

  2. EQ2 has the ability to do all this so I disagree with Longasc

    Conan isnt a game with the ability to collect party dresses and act stupid. If you want that go to Free Realms. Otherwise log in and kill stuff, that is what Conan is about.

    Dumb move on the devs though not to offer SOMETHING to the people that put up with their crap for a year

  3. What a slap in the face to all the players that have stay with that train wreck.

  4. Hudson, firing bottle rockets, drinking virtual booze and dance… wow? Guild Wars has it, and EQ2 has it, too? So what?

    Is that really the pinnacle of interaction?

    Some MMOs do not even have that, but praising EQ2 for this is rather funny…

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