LOTRO: Curves

There’s an interesting thread over on the LOTRO forums where a dev basically asked players to make a wish list of what they wanted built into the game (within certain parameters), which just opened the floodgates as you may have expected.

Among loads of pie-in-the-sky wishes was a pretty practical suggestion: more quests in the 16-40 range.  There was even a graph of solo quests per level to back this up:


The initial hump there is because you have three newbie zones, all brimming with 6-12 level content, but then it starts dipping as players are funneled to higher-level Bree, then Lone-Lands and beyond.  While I’ve never run out of quests through the upper 20’s, the poster reported that it got incredibly trying to level up multiple alts through what is essentially a linear path through the mid-game.  More quests in more zones = more paths to leveling.

Anyway, thought the graph was interesting, especially how it gets a LOT better after 40.  Life begins at 40, right?

4 thoughts on “LOTRO: Curves

  1. I can see from experience that this graph is true. I have given up on LotRO in the 20s every time i try to give the game a shot. I just get bored and the game gets too monotonous about that level. They should do something to even out that curve. I think it would help retain new players. I loved every minute of the shire and I wish the rest of the game was as well made as that starting zone.

  2. It’s happened to me three times now… get to the mid 30s and I just cant seem to find out where to go. After asking around I find out I have to travel to the other side of the world map for a level or 2, only to return back to the original zone I was in. It seemed to me there was little quest direction during the 20-40.

  3. My girlfriend and I quit in our late 20s due to the abundance of group quests vs. solo quests. It’s not that we didn’t enjoy playing with other people, but often our time was limited and we wanted to have some meaningful advancement in that short time, but the lack of soloable quests made it difficult. Eventually we just moved to WoW, even though we both really enjoyed the atmosphere and community of LOTRO.

    I think adding more solo quests in that range would certainly benefit the game.

  4. I felt like I really grinded through the 30’s solo. Reaching the 40’s finally, it looks like things will pick up now for my solo player. Hope so.

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