Warrior Epic – Worth It?

FJIM4GLF8DOU3GF.MEDIUMSnafzg tried to rope me in to trying this with him last week, but I resisted the call of a game I heard nothing about previously.  He’s since reported numerous crashes/blue screens trying to play it.

I also noted on the official website that the game went into closed beta on April 30, and launched, oh, 19 days later.  Is 19 days enough for a MMORPG closed beta these days?  Or enough for… anything?

So, just curious — anyone out there try Warrior Epic?  Any good?  I like some of the concepts (Diablo-ish, the spirit system, interesting-sounding classes), but I need some convincing it’s not just a bit of roadkill on the path to much better games.

P.S. – Plus, the title leaves a lot to be desired.  “Warrior Epic”?  That’s like taking two of the most generic, overused MMO terms and smooshing them together.  By that process, you could come up with other names like:

  • Rogue E-Peen
  • XP Loot
  • Raid CC: The Rezzening
  • L2Play Troll
  • 1337 Noob
  • Kill Eleven Rats (motto: “We go to eleven!”)
  • Nerf Buffs
  • Buff Nerfs
  • Vendor Aggro
  • Goblin Gank

14 thoughts on “Warrior Epic – Worth It?

  1. i find that absolutely amazing and i swore to myself that i will never play a game that does not have a true open beta at the end to stress test.

    then i played conan and did nto heed my own warning, and paid for it dearly as i saw why there was no open beta.

    i will stick with this motto from now on that unless they are willing to subject everyone to the game, even for a few days, they are not ready to launch said game and i dont want to brave it.

  2. I downloaded it and it works fine on my system. At least, the full download version does. After loading it twice so it would update.

    Ran fine, no crashes. Guess it is okay, but after two hours of trying it I was totally bored. Just not my type of game I guess. Hated the limited camera angles. I still have it installed but have no plans to play it any time soon. Supposedly the in-game RMT stuff will be for cosmetic items only, so that is a big plus if true.

  3. I tried it but I would hold off on playing it more until they fix whatever server issues are plaguing them now, as those were the ones that caused me all the trouble. From not even getting to the login screen at some times, to just getting dropped and booted when zoning. What I did play I enjoyed in the mindless hack/slash/kill sense and is totally sweet for casual play, though I found it hard to find other people who wanted to team up on missions. Most games I entered had the default toon standing there and the host unresponsive. I enjoyed the fact that your characters can actually die and only be resurrected with the payment of a fairly steep price in game terms, or skip that entirely and just add them either as a mission inventory use-item or to imbue your gear with.

    Bottom line: Combat isn’t revolutionary but suffices and the whole shebang could be fun if I didn’t spend 80% of my time with it loading, waiting at the boot & login window, or entering “BRBZ” persons’ lobbies.

  4. I tried it for the duration of a Saturday morning.

    You can create a few characters and you run them through the same missions repeatedly to level them up, then you can convert one into a soul that you can use to power up another … or something.

    It sounded vaguely interesting but the basic gameplay felt so vanilla I never got around to going back to it.

  5. Well, I had never heard of this game until this article, so Syp, you have my thanks! 😀

    I’ve been relatively unable to get into Diablo/Diablo II and have been waiting for Diablo III, because I enjoy that sort of gameplay where I can just tear stuff up with my friends, most of whom do not play MMOs due to the time investment. This one’s free, quick to get into, easy to understand… And if it continues being as fun as my first two runs were, I think we’ve got a winner here. Until Diablo III comes out, that is. :\

  6. I tried it for 2 hours.
    It remembered me games from 10 years ago… Diablo2 style but with poor atmosphere, bright colours,…
    I know it is free but that is not why I am going to play a game…

  7. I downloaded the game over the weekend and gave it a try.

    The issues that I see are that you are required to log out and back in every map or 2 because if you don’t, your next map won’t load.

    Once you start a level, you get to keep nothing unless you beat it.

    Finally, you may be about to beat said level, and the server will crash on you.

    I can say that, I enjoyed the play, just like I did diablo. It has some interesting ideas on upgrading skills and weapons and I did enjoy the game. It has a “semi” storyline mode as well as a jump right in type adventure setting.

  8. Ahh Mythic is going to rename WAR to compete with this game. It’s called

    Chosen Gimped

  9. It’s interesting enough for what it is, a Free to Play MMO Diablo II clone.

    It does bring more new ideas to the table than the next WoW clone. The character advancement and skill system allows for a lot of customization that you won’t find in any of the main stream MMO’s. The spirit system is also an interesting feature to play around in.

    It is plagued by poor documentation on the official site and on the interface. It needs a bit more polish to say the least…but hey it’s free!

    I did a write up on it on release date and have played about 10 hours worth over the past week or so. I have never had problems with crashes and random diconnects.

    Shameless self plug : http://seriouslycasual.wordpress.com/2009/05/22/warrior-epic-free-to-play-and-worth-the-price/

  10. Goblin Gank is an awesome name. It should be a minigame of sorts. Trademark it already!!

  11. I love it, started playing 3 days ago, got a little lvl 22 Archer(stalker) going. I love that the archer has 2 circular AOE’s , 1 Straight line aoe, and a trap aoe that entangles them with dps. Not to mention a first-aid type move, very little health but if you drop the cooldown low enough spamming it leads to full hp over time, you dont even gotta stop what your doing they never hit you with that aoe line up.

    But um yea. If your gonna play…

    –items come from doing quests(Levels) [Gear + Powerups]
    –quests are set up in a lobby type matter, You browse the game list for a room, join the room where yours and up to 4 other characters stand around a table.
    –The bigger the party the more mobs the better the exp.
    –A level 1 can join a room Clearly marked 40-50, Ready up, and actually get in the match and split hte loot…even if they just afk in spawn area…Awesome, Get a high lvl friend, and get a noob toon up fast doing high lvl quests

    –You cant customize your character cosmetically aside from new gear, meaning what ever class your pick looks like every other person in that class, aside from gear (I mean let me change the color or something. I hate a bunch of clones running around i feel so conformist)
    –A level 1 can join a room Clearly marked 40-50, Ready up, and actually get in the match and split the loot…even if they just afk in spawn area….WTFSDFSE Fuckin Leeches!!!!
    –You cant kick In game…. afkers
    –Repetitive..This is arguable because all mmorpgs kinda get repetitive

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