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BreakfastOfChampsIt’s not every day that a MMO company piques my interest with a marketing ploy, but I’ve got to say that Champions Online’s Daily News blog has done just that.  It’s smart.  It’s sassy.  It talks about how the devs and the ESRB are fighting the good fight of making sure you can’t create a fully nude character.  It sort of lets us eavesdrop on the meetings that are shaping the game right now.  And it looks to be updated regularly, with inside info behind the creation process — perfect for those starving for CO’s fall release.

According to the Daily News, this is created and run by a studio hired by Cryptic, but operates semi-independently:

This site is created, written and edited by Intent Social Media on behalf of Cryptic and Atari. Our editors and journalists enjoy privileged access to the Champions Online team. The content on this site is neither approved nor edited by anyone at Cryptic or Atari.

Of course, they know who butters their bread, so don’t expect to see a daily rant about the seven hotbar slots limitation.  But as long as they bring us tasty little morsels like vanity pets WITH POWERS, well, I’m pretty cool with reading it.

2 thoughts on “Blog of Champions

  1. Interesting way to take advantage of modern coverage media. The only thing I’d be concerned with is fan blogs simply not getting the coverage they should with a blog that already has an inside track on the game.

    It’ll be intriguing to see how far they take the “independence”, but it is nice to go behind the scenes.

  2. Perhaps the content isn’t approved or edited, but I’d imagine that the bloggers can be replaced, or have their access to sensitive material reduced. Even if they can’t be fired from this job, you can bet that anyone looking to hire these guys in the future will be looking at the tone of the work they’re doing here. You can’t be genuinely independent if your paycheck is being cut by the guys you’re covering.

    Oh well, it’s more interesting than most dev blogs I’ve seen. Though pets with abilities aren’t really cosmetic anymore. Oh well. 🙂

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