Oh Goody

I guess Free Realms is jumping on the elfie bandwagon, so… you know… prepare to face the FULL WRATH of the “No Elves Club”!

I’m sure that you and your three million players are terrified.

P.S. – Given that they already have fairies, I am at a loss for what other fantasy race they can inject to make it even more Trapper Keepery.  Unicorns?  Actual Care Bears?

9 thoughts on “Oh Goody

  1. Free Realms? That post is for Runes of Magic.. unless I’m missing something.. (which may very well be, it’s Sunday and I’m not all here.. )

  2. Trapper Keepery? lol! I’ll leave other people to comment on the ROM/Free Realms thing. I gave ROM a chance, got bored quickly and haven’t tried it since.

    Have you ever played a fairy on Free Realms btw?! They flutter constantly, which has to be one of the most annoying things I’ve ever seen in a game.

  3. Free Realms has Pixies!!!! Not fairies! Come on, at least use the right terminology. Everyone knows how different pixies and fairies are! Umm…. fairies are much smaller, for one thing. There are fairies in FR’s Merryvale, they are really really smaller.

    Besides, you linked a story about Runes of Magic adding the elves, not Free Realms. We probably won’t see elves in FR until much later in the year or next. And they probably won’t be anything like the wimpy LOTRO elves, either! 😀

    Everyone needs to make an elf in whatever game(s) they play and name it Syp or Sypia!

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