Catching Up: LOTRO

Aragorn: King of Shadow Puppets
Aragorn: King of Shadow Puppets

Oh, what a week to be gone in Lord of the Rings Online.  The two GMs (husband and wife) in our kinship are about ready to welcome their new baby into the world, and Book 8 finally hit the servers.  There’s actually not a great deal to this book to interest me as a level 32 Captain.  The revamp of lower level zones is nice, but I’m not going to revisiting that anytime soon, and most of the other content is high level stuff that I might see by 2010 at this rate of progression.  That pretty much leaves the summer festival, which I will check out at my earliest opportunity.

Good to know some folks are giving LOTRO a (re)try this summer!

It’s good to hear from the devs’ lips that LOTRO won’t be hitting the dreaded knell of server merges anytime soon — if anything, this is a good horse to bet on if you’re looking for an older title that’s still growing in population.

No matter how many times it’s noted, it’s still funny when someone harps on LOTRO’s aggression toward the animal kingdom.

This is simultaneously a heartbreaking and aggrivating story… and I have no sympathy whatever for folks who do this to trusting people.

Finally, Tony wants to remind anyone interested in LOTRO this summer to sign up for their cheap $9.99/month special before time runs out!

3 thoughts on “Catching Up: LOTRO

  1. I only really feel weird about killing bear cubs… but you know, they’re wimps and count as a full bear!

    So I get over it.

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