Catching Up: The Old Republic

Face it, geeks, he's dead.
Face it, geeks, he's dead.

Frank at Overly Positive examined probably one of the more apprehensive subjects of BioWare’s new MMO — won’t all players just make Jedi/Sith anyway? What will the game be like with just two primary classes and six minority ones?  He makes some good points, but I’m still a tad worried about it.  Especially because I know these classes will attract craptons of bad/griefer players in similar fashion to other MMO’s more popular DPS/stealthers.  I might eventually roll a Force-using class, but I guarantee you — it won’t be my first character.

KIASA frets about something different — that TOR is set too long ago, in a galaxy too far away, and it all just doesn’t make sense with technological advancements, etc.  I think BioWare’s proven with KOTOR that they’re more than capable of setting Star Wars in that time period without making it feel too archaic or unfamiliar.  And, for me, Star Wars has never been about huge leaps of innovation over time periods; I get the feeling that this galaxy has been stagnant in its advancement for quite some time.

Suzina speculates on the promised “space experience” in TOR, but doesn’t hold much hope for it.  Honestly, I’d be happy if I just had a spaceship as a mobile base/house to store characters, move between planets, and outfit visually.

Ooh, I bet this question will NEVER get old for the Star Wars Galaxies team:

I have to ask, what do you think BioWare’s The Old Republic means for SWG? Is there room for two Star Wars MMOs?

Finally, a guy over at Wandering Goblin compiled all of the TOR in-game footage (“fotage” as he spells it) to date in a single video.  Spiffy!

11 thoughts on “Catching Up: The Old Republic

  1. Well, he’s dead NOW, but thats because it was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. But,…not from the Sarlac.

  2. I have Bobba Fett with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. I love that his father got killed of with as littler ceremony as his son. It makes me warm on the insides. Never got the whole appeal over a character who essentially had 10 minutes of screen time, maybe two lines, and was so incompetent that he got destroyed by a half-blind smuggler on ACCIDENT.

  3. *hate, I HATE him, not have him. Apparently, typos are the MO for commentors today.

  4. The space expansion was one of the worst things the devs of SWG ever did aside from the NGE and CU. There was just no life there. I certainly hope that the space game in TOR is minimal or, even better, optional.

    I just want a ship I can use to help me avoid having to take whatever their form of public transportation is. If I have that, I’m going to be dandy.

  5. The problem with doing space in a Star Wars MMO is that the bar is so very high, and for some reason we haven’t seemed willing to accept it dumbed down.

    The X-wing series of games defined Star Wars space combat for, well, pretty much everyone. The mechanics even jumped into the novels in many cases. MMO mechanics just can’t match it.

    I’d also suggest we not touch the Galaxies thing. People who played that game defend it with more fervor than a kid making excuses for an alcoholic parent. There’s a sizable and vocal contingent screaming as loudly as they can to try and turn TOR into Galaxies 2, and they do it with a level of faith that crosses into fanatical.

  6. I like Spink’s suggestion. Make their damage super-weak and only let them specialize in healing and buffing. 🙂

  7. @ Shadowwar

    Fett was appealing because he was mysterious. Everyone wanted to know more about him. Other than Vader, there’d never been a character on screen with such a badass presence about him. So, naturally he lived on in the books.

    What happened around the Fett’s in the prequels was unfortunate…as was most of the events in the prequels. Lucas should’ve stayed out of them and just done a trilogy based on the Thrawn trilogy of books and life would have been grand.

    hehe get it? Thrawn,…grand…Grand Admiral Thrawn…nerd comedy!

  8. Oh how I hope Spinks is dead wrong. I don’t want to play Jedi/Sith, but I love healing.

    I wanna be an evil ewok that bites people with healing venom. Or maybe it’s 4am and I’m awake. Hrrm.

    Hope to see them at Comic Con.

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