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Snarky Syp

ohnoesMomma always told me, “If you don’t have anything good to say, then you’ll make a great newscaster!”  And I like to think she knew what she was talking about.  So for this post, I don’t have anything good to say.  I have a few snarky remarks to expunge, and then I’ll be back to the normal, raging lunatic that I am.

Happy 5th Anniversary, City of Heroes players!  For this momentous half-decade mark, we’re giving you a brand-new issue that’s full of… nothing! Seriously, a couple missions, faces and outfit options do not a content update make.  This is so sadly pathetic that you can see them digging to announce something cool, and the best they can do is pretend to be giddy over — wait for it — emotes.

Let me ask Cryptic this: do you honestly think that friends of Champions players will be sitting on Twitter, anxiously awaiting a status update of what imaginary creature their pal is battling right then?  What purpose does in-game tweeting have, other than to hold up your group while you’re letting the world at large know that you are really, really low on health?

Speaking of a big ado over nothing, how about the “news” that Blizzard filed patents for something called “Cataclysm”? I mean, just one word, and the entire community is ranting and raving and drooling and speculating and generally making a big mess out of their shorts.  It’s one word, people.  For those of you who complain about how companies over-hype their products, I fully expect you to be giving the playerbase the evil eye right now for over-hyping, well, absolutely nothing of any substance.

Okay, that felt good.  Back to Mr. Sunshine and Giggles!

19 thoughts on “Snarky Syp

  1. Tweeting from WAR would be quite useful, however. Follow your guildies, or make a guild twitter account, and let everyone know that the fort is under attack or that the IC attack is a 95% with 15 minutes left.

  2. In- game tweeting can allow you to make a twitter account for your hero and effectively create an on-going story and outlet to roleplay. Or so I’ve heard…

  3. Maybe it’s just me. I’d rather see people getting hyped about a game than have the company giving false promises.

    It is just one word. But come’on, you have to assume people are gonna flip. It’s news if people want to hear it, and there’s millions of people who want to hear it. I made my speculation on what it is going to be, but i’m not a huge Blizz fan, so i’ll treat it as any other game release.

  4. You should love twitter in MMO’s Syp. It is a great enabler for the casual multi-MMO gamer. You could be crafting in LoTRO when your guild tweets about a group starting in CO. You can jump over and join in.

    To me, the notifications will help make my game time be more productive, as there is less time wasted.

  5. You’re looking at the Twitter support in a very limited capacity. It basically allows communication to outside game friends without running an external client, alt tabbing (depending on the game and/or pc alt tabbing is painful), and for those who are into it and automated in-game journal. This is also probably more useful for console players.

    So instead of spamming a regional/general chat with LFM Blah. You can tweet it, someone who has been waiting to complete that quest could have an alert looking for that keyword. Or your friends happen to see it and in a bored state, offer to help.

    I’ve wanted more game to have communication clients that allow in game to out of game messaging.

    Yea, the “Cataclysm” is kinda funny. But it does reaffirm the direction of a future expansion. With Blizzcon coming up people are going to be looking for any/all clues. I say future verses next because these products are developed so far ahead of time.

  6. Sounds like these companies are grasping for attention. Attention, that reminds me. I am a new blogger for the upcoming game SW:TOR. I was wondering if a popular blogger like yourself, could link me over there—->

    It is fresh site so there is only an introduction set up but, by next week there will be tons to read. Ok not tons but 1-5 things.

    My linky is in my comment name. Sith vs Jedi! Thanks Syp, I am a long time reader of yours from WAAAGH. Back when 15 comments was a big deal to you.

  7. I really think Champions Online is going to be the end of CoH. I mean, it’s basically exactly the same game but better right? I don’t know the history between NCSoft and Cryptic but I wonder if Cryptic are looking forward to sticking it to NCSoft.

  8. I actually like the twitter feature. Werit hit it pretty well.

    I would love to be able to tweet in game to all of my guild mates that they are late for the GD raid and need to get their bottoms online!

  9. FWIW, the new emotes are costume change options, which is a cool addition.

    I don’t have a problem with CoH’s I15 being a little slim. 14 was massive, with the Mission Architect. Hints are that 16 will include power customization to some extent, which people have wanted forever. I can forgive them a slim one between those two.

    I’ll also say that for those of us enjoying the MA system for actually making interesting stories, there were some non-trivial improvements.

  10. @ Sith – I’d love to check you out, but you didn’t leave a link. What’s your URL?

  11. Pooo, I thought it added my link in my name. It is nothing fancy right now but, here it is-

    Take it easy on the new guy. I’m still wet behind the ears. I’ll have stories, news, rumors, Twitter nuggets from the Bioware team, and speculate my brains out till TOR is released. Thanks Syp!

  12. “I really think Champions Online is going to be the end of CoH. I mean, it’s basically exactly the same game but better right?”

    I dunno… Personally, there are enough things that concern me in Champions that I may just stick with CoH. Some examples:

    – I know everyone’s ga-ga over the power customization, but I like the thematic enforcement that CoH’s powersets give you. What you’re going to get in Champions is Fire blasting, katana-wielding tunnelers who use magic spells to heal people. Admittedly, I don’t know how much they’ll do to encourage people to stick to a theme, but doing too much would defeat the whole purpose they’re trying to achieve.
    – As a longtime Champions player, this isn’t Champions. I find the abuse of the name bad enough that it annoys me.
    – Game is reportedly more twitchy, which doesn’t do much for me. If I want a twitchy superhero game there are many better console options out there.

    And, especially…
    – Mission architect. I know this feature has been abused, and that has been discussed ad nauseum, but I love it. We play in a small group with myself, my wife, her sister, my nephew, and a few other friends off and on. Currently I’m writing story arcs which are centered on our characters, use their backgrounds, and tell compelling (I like to think 😉 personalized stories at a rate of one full arc every week or two. It’s been some of the most interesting play we’ve had in an MMO ever, and will be enough to keep us in CoH at least until we see if Champions is really worth the move.

  13. A minor point, Blizzard filed for a trademark, not a patent. In the U.S., it’s the same federal office that takes care of both, though.

    Patents cover inventions, trademarks are for words used too identify products.

  14. @ Brian – You’re right — I saw “Patent and Trademark Office” and wrote patent.

  15. Hah, maybe my first tweet will come from playing Champions Online.

    Either way, it’s nice to see them have what’s essentially a “communicate to the outside world” feature.

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