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/AFK – July 5

x-wing-carHappy 4th of July to the United Statesians out there, that great day where Britain coughs politely and looks elsewhere, and we shoot low-grade artillery to drive dogs across the nation completely bonkers.  Well, it’s the 5th, but there’s still a lot of fireworks out there, so I’m including it.

Last Week on Mutant Reviewers…

SPOTLIGHT ON… dragonDragonchasers

Not all of us can be blessed with incredibly cool blog titles like Bio Break, but Pete over at Dragonchasers is certainly close!  I kid, I kid.  Dragonchasers is a blog I’ve been following for over a year now, and he never fails to deliver top-notch MMO content — games he’s playing, frustrations and excitement over the genre, and even strongly disagreeing with the popular crowd when he deems necessary.  Lately he’s touched down in Aion, and I’m sure will slaughter every dragon he finds there.

6 thoughts on “/AFK – July 5

  1. Whoa!

    Thank you very much, Syp! High praise indeed, coming from you, sir!

    I sorta wish I hadn’t gone on a whole “look at me using my Wii to lose weight” binge recently!! LOL

  2. Thanks for the link, Syp. I appreciate that a lot.

    My girlfriend who I’ve been with a year and a half now had no idea that my addiction had gotten to where it was until she read those articles. It’s not exactly something that’s easy for me to discuss because it’s kind of embarassing that I was on the track to being one of those “Dateline” specials for a while there. I got it mostly in check, but the potential always hangs over my head.

  3. “that great day where Britain coughs politely and looks elsewhere”

    Um… yep… looking elsewhere…

    Kinda wish we had crazy holidays like 4th July and Thanksgiving in the UK. The USA gets all of the fun 😦

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