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Darkfail Revisited

Because some dead horses are just too irresistable.  And because bloggers and game journalists have awesome resurrection powers.

With great power comes great responsibility… to drag this topic back through the mud.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:


It  is the greatest piece of literature produced by Europe since Shakespeare.  And even that guy was accused by Tasos of only logging in two plays.

5 thoughts on “Darkfail Revisited

  1. Seems like an awful review and I don’t even play Darkfall. The guy had to give it a bad review or it would have proven Adventurine correct.

  2. I swear, that was the best review I’ve ever seen for a game that he only gave 4/10.

    I think he did a really good job of praising DF for the things it got right, because up until now all we heard about is the crap. Maybe it’s just because I agree with him. I tried DF for about the 5-10 hours that he said it would take to tell if you liked a game or not, and I couldn’t do it. I loved it for all the innovative mechanics it introduced, but that is ultimately the reason I couldn’t handle it. By making it more ‘real’, it made the unrealistic things stick out that much more. The inconsistency killed it for me.

    In the end, I hope some of the big studios take notice of some of the things DF got right, even if it’s just implemented in some sort of server ruleset.

  3. I thought it was a great review, funny and of course he backed up his points of view with example.

    Syncaine will be bashing his keyboard thinking up a retort post.

    Someone pass the popcorn!

  4. I thought it to be as good as any review can get. The writer didn’t see eager to defame the game, and both positive and negative aspects had good points to back them up. I think the big problem is with the whole “what’s the score” mentality people seem to have when writing and reading reviews.

    This problem comes from two major aspects:

    1. Reviews are inherently limited and biased views of something.
    2. Scores are usually an attempt to quantify the game’s quality;

    It is impossible to review something from a totally unbiased point of view. Whatever you play and how you feel about that will be affected by what you expect from the game, by your previous experiences, by your preferences, and by your beliefs. So no review will ever be more than your personal view.

    Because of that, trying to tell how good a game is on a 1 to 10 scale is just silly. This is exactly what opens the door to fights over reviews such as what happened between Aventurine and Eurogamer. A game’s quality is very multi-faceted, and won’t ever be properly represented by a single numeric value.

    Despite not always enjoying their actual reviews, which I often find to be too passionate and without enough proper argumentation, G4/X-Play’s review scale is the best I think you can get away with that, not because of the size of the actual scale (theirs is only 1 to 5), but because they clearly and explicitly claim (or at least they used to; I can’t seem to find that on they website anymore) that they are not judging the games, but if they recommend the game to someone. I still think they would be better without the actual numbers and using words or metaphors (or kittens!!) for each grade to avoid going into the same road, but as far as number scales go, that’s the best IMHO.

    Better yet, just stick with Kotaku’s method: point out the good, the bad and the ugly (well, maybe just the good and bad), and finish it off answering “did I or did I not have fun playing the game?” That is the only point you *can* make during a review. Attempting to do anything more than that is hypocritical.

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