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/AFK – July 19

space-invader-crop-circle1I’m back from vacation at blisteringly hot Sacramento (motto: “A frozen yogurt shop on every corner”) and ready with a brand-new /AFK — a weekly list of posts that really caught my eye.  Although because of the trip and my limited reading time, this list is a bit anemic this week:

4 thoughts on “/AFK – July 19

  1. “Jeff Hollis has an idea — many ideas, actually — as to why World of Warcraft is dying: part 1 and part 2.”

    Both links don’t work 😦

  2. Man – those two articles were terrible – I have to wonder if the author has ever actually raided. To claim that raid success = time invested is ludicrous beyond all belief.

    Ah well – thanks for the link dump, as always.

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