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/AFK – August 16

insane insanity plea straight jacket crazy nutsPREPARE YOURSELF.  For you are about to descend into a death match of unmeasured proportions, a gauntlet of finely-worded blog posts that will drill a hole in your mind and leave you gibbering for weeks to come.  BEHOLD!

BONUS: Thanks to Stropp for linking to an awesome (and short) video entitled “Dating a Noob”.  It has, hands down, some of the most quotable lines: “We don’t date noobs, we PWN them!” and, of course, “Too long; did not listen”.  Take THAT, elite MMO community!

5 thoughts on “/AFK – August 16

  1. Dammit, you win this week’s Blog Prize, just for using “gibbering”. One of the best words EVAR, though somewhat inferior to “squmous”, but less overused.

  2. Ever since I started blogging outside of work, it’s been one of my dreams to go and be up on another blogger’s list of good reads.

    Thank you Syp, for making step one of my plan for world domination come true.

    *deep breath*


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