"Nerds want my hat!  RUNNNN!"
"Nerds want my hat! RUNNNN!"

This summer’s been more or less a drought of MMO information, stretching on between the lush lands of E3 and the late summer insanity of PAX, Blizzcon and more.  Now, all of the sudden, we’re dealing with MMO insanity, a lot of it including titles and projects we didn’t even know (or couldn’t confirm) were in the mix.  WoW’s expansion, EverQuest 3, Guild Wars 2, CCP’s upcoming EVE-themed FPS/MMO, and now word’s coming in about Age of Conan’s first expansion pack.

Eurogamer has a great writeup of what’s being called “Rise of the Godslayer” (AoC:RotGS?  Just rolls off the tongue, don’t it?).  Age of Conan is long past the point of no return in tempting me to try it out, which is a real shame considering that I followed this title pretty avidly for a stretch of time there.  Ultimately, it just wasn’t what I was looking for, and the ugly beta and release almost seemed like Funcom was deliberately trying to keep their streak alive after Anarchy Online’s notorious launch.  They suffered week after week of negative press, followed by poor company earnings reports and some prominent company figures leaving.  Then… silence.  I mean, I know there’s been more going on, but there are times for MMOs when they’re in the media spotlight and when they’re in exile, and AoC’s been in exile ever since fall of last year.

So good for the Funcom team for reportedly making great strides to improving what was a rocky initial game (hm, sounds a lot like how WAR’s developed, come to think of it), and for showing the world that they’re in it for the long haul with this first expansion — which, might I add, does not take the expected route of a level cap increase, but mightily beefs up the current leveling content.  There’s too many MMO failures, cancelations and botched progress these days, which is why I’m always cheering for any game that fights to make it, and then prove it can grow with an expansion.  I don’t know anybody who made AoC their MMO mainstay for very long, but I’m sure they have to have a dedicated community there who very much appreciates this news.

And hey, any chance to report on AoC is a chance for me to post a pic of Arnie the Barbarian, so I’m satisfied.

2 thoughts on “AoCannonball!

  1. I resubbed to AoC just after the 1.5 update, and I have been loving it ever since. The main reasons I love AoC are the graphics, the look and feel and the combat.

    I do not have a max level character right now, so not raising the level cap sounds great to me! Adding a new are with a new playable race along with beefing up the 20-80 content sounds like exactly what an expansion should do!

  2. I followed AoC for a good while too but on release I was unemployed and couldn’t afford the start up. My flat mate played it and I was merely on the bench waiting for a buddy key (oh the drama!).

    Now I’ve got money and a great rig that should play it maxed out – I’ve even got the game sitting next to my computer a mere 3 feet from my DVD drive (flat mate gave up on the game cause his rig is like 4 years old and melting) – yet I’m still not playing.

    Should maybe look into how the game has developed over the past year. Do they have a trial?

    Note: Syp, next time you post a pic of Arnie the Barbarian please use one of him knocking the camel out, thanks 😀

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