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500 Posts!

Well, I guess this makes 501, but a significant achievement to be sure.  It’s kind of scary to me to consider that I didn’t really start blogging full-time on Bio Break until this past March/April, so I guess we’ve proven without a shadow of a doubt that I’m far, far too wordy.  As Ysharros says, I’m “HAL 9000 with a meatshell”.

I can’t help it!  There’s just too much to talk about!


12 thoughts on “500 Posts!

  1. Syp, I really enjoy your blog and check it every day. It also means a lot to me to have another Christian’s perspective on gaming. Blog on!

  2. /notworthy /notworthy (an actual emote in EQ2, heh)

    I’ve not managed 500 posts in a year. BUT!! mine’s longer than yours. My posts, that is. Ayup.

  3. I’m at 274 positive posts and counting, and I’ve been around since April 2008. Crazy stuff, Syp. Here comes my middling math skills. Are you ready?

    If you’ve been blogging since April, then that’s about 141 days. At 500 posts, that means you’ve written about 3.5 posts a day (I have no idea how a half post figures into this). But if you took a break or vacations that means you’ve been posting more than that on other days.

    Keep on trucking. I’m hopeful to get there with an audience like yours one of these days.

  4. Grats Syp, how many did you have at Waaagh before you closed the doors.

    500 dang, I love you, but your nuts. LOL!

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