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Champions Online: Beta Impressions Collected

championsI’m going to hold off posting my big review of Champions until sometime after launch, when I’ve been able to give it a huge chunk of time — since up to this point in the beta, I’ve only played an evening here or there.  Suffice to say, there are things I like, things I don’t, and things that concern me — but I’m more than willing to give it a good shot.

However, I did want to get to you some of the thoughts and impressions from the blog community, so here goes:

Also, don’t miss West Karana’s Champions webcomic: Part One, Part Two

7 thoughts on “Champions Online: Beta Impressions Collected

  1. Hmm, “Entrance” was more like a first, FIRST glance at the game. If you want my real review, I literally just finished it. At about 2500 words, I think I may have been too thorough.

  2. Champions Online reminds me of a refined Star Wars Galaxies, minus the wookies. Character creator is awesome, combat is enjoyable, you can mix and match your abilities.

    However, I feel it ultimately fails to SWG’s largest fault for myself, I don’t see any reason to play other than to see what else my character can do. LOTRO has spoiled me, I love the story arch, how that game pulls you in and makes you feel like a small part of a larger struggle. Champions online is fun, but without a strong story arch i don’t see myself purchasing it.

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