Mind Yer Manners

As a corollary to the last post, I just wanted to add — make sure to really thank people in game when they go out of their way to help you out.  None of this abbreviated “ty” nonsense — a properly spelled “thank you” is the bare minimum acceptable for this reponse.  If they made your day or obviously went to a lot of personal trouble to give you a hand, then I think it’s appropriate to express gratitude through a note or by telling them why you appreciated what they did (“Thank you for the help taming this pet, I’m really going to love leveling him!”).

Or perhaps do the whole “pay it forward” thing — help someone else the way you were helped, and as a result, make the entire game a better place to be.

5 thoughts on “Mind Yer Manners

  1. Percy August 31, 2009 / 1:12 pm

    If someone said a full sentence like that I’d honestly assume they were coming on to me.

  2. Pete S August 31, 2009 / 3:41 pm

    I generally use the /thanks emote followed by a /cheer emote.

    Usually I get a /bow, /salute or /wave in response.

  3. Thulf September 1, 2009 / 7:01 am

    So very true. I usually use the ingame mail system to send a helpful soul something nice or funny (does not have to have a lot of value) afterwards, if they did put some effort in helping me.

  4. KRiS September 1, 2009 / 7:34 am

    On the other hand, ty is the perfect way of saying thank you for a rez in the thick of the RvR combat.

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