Quote of the Day

“The appeal of an MMO isn’t about features. If it was, EQ2 would be the biggest MMO, contested only by LotRO, and WoW would be a second-stringer. It’s about the overall package, of which the features list is one element, feel and atmosphere is another, and the overall sense of fun is the third.”

~ Ardwulf

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. By that metric, Champions Online ought to do fairly well. It has its rough spots when it comes to the features list (as you might expect for a new game,) but it does pretty well on feel and overall sense of fun, IMHO.

  2. Hmm, yeah I’m inclined to agree. Atmosphere is very important to MMOs and something that’s hard to capture. I remember playing WAR and just not getting into it. Then I switched to WoW and it was everything I was looking for – I felt like I was playing in a vibrant, rich online world.

  3. WAR’s a great counter-example, really – it has all the features you’d want, and on paper the mix sounds like nothing is missing. But in play, it’s definitely missing that overall feel.

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