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Champions: Launch Day Mayhem

This girl is currently playing Champions faster than I am
This girl is currently playing Champions faster than I am

Apparently the Champions community, in dire need of something to complain about now that the pre-launch pricing schedules are history, are in something of a hissy fit over the new patch that decreased defensive abilities while increasing mob deadliness.

Personally, I’d be more in their corner except for the fact that they’re actually getting to play the game, whereas I’m getting to play Champions Online: The Slideshow.  Ever since late closed beta, framerate performance has been exceptionally poor for some, including myself — and the odd thing is that most all of the people having this problem have it on machines that handle other MMOs and games with all the options set at max.

Despite a crowd of us clamoring for a fix for weeks now, the best we’ve gotten has been (I kid you not) “turn your UI off and see if that helps”.  Depending on who you listen to, it’s an issue with certain NVidia cards or multi-core processors, but it’s certainly on their end.

Unfortunately, it means playing Champions is a somewhat annoying experience, because you absolutely need a decent framerate for the combat.  15fps means I mash buttons and hope that something dies before I do.  So I guess I’d gladly trade this issue for whatever patch peeve is bugging others.

19 thoughts on “Champions: Launch Day Mayhem

  1. I just don’t understand why developers wait until the 11th hour, or beyond in this case, to make the massive balance changes. It’s not like no one is going to notice if you make massive balance changes to the game without documenting them or putting them up for public testing, and, at any rate, the time to make them is BEFORE the last character wipe.

  2. Yikes!

    That was one of my complaints from my time in beta. The game didn’t run as smooth as I thought it should. This isnt a great proving point, but I can run Crysis at 1680 x 1050 with everything on high and 4x AA….and I get like 50fps average. I’d expect to be able to run most things just fine, expecially MMO’s since they should be optimized to run on even mid ranged systems (except WAR, that’s a different story).

    Hopefully it ends up being a driver issue and everything will work out!

  3. I’m playing on a i7 system with nvidia 275’s in sli and play it maxxed out at 1900×1200. Smooth as silk and no crashes yet. Hope you get it sorted out soon and join us!

  4. Apparently they nerfed the speed of travel powers to help improve framerate – though I honestly don’t see how it will, if there are people well above the recommended specs who get a slideshow while others who only meet the required specs can play fine. I feel for you Syp, especially since such complaints are no doubt getting drowned out by the screams of those (myself included I hate to admit) upset by the patch.

  5. I agree that there is indeed an fps issue, not idea why Cryptic won’t admit it.

    I personally was not in a dire need to complain about anything, but this mornings patch has made the game almost unplayable at times. This patch should have been released along time ago during testing, not on the first day of a live release. The fact is that the game is not as fun today as it has been the past few weeks.

  6. Heh think the low FPS is bad, wait till you hit a busy day and get the cursed “rubberbanding”.

    This is the first MMO ive played on my 8mb connection that lags so bad that you just repeatedly *ping* back to the same location and cant move anywhere, after 2hours of this last night and messing with my net connection i gave up 😦

    Which is a pity as the actual game is pretty fun when you get to play it.

    And yeah open Beta was smooth as silk for me, even in instance with 40 people in!

  7. @Brazzios
    You know you may be on to something, that CO needs more CPU than GPU. I have a dual-core with a Nvidia 260 and I rarely get over 30-35 fps. But I am running Windows 7 not sure if that matters.

  8. “and the odd thing is that most all of the people having this problem have it on machines that handle other MMOs and games with all the options set at max.”

    So basically, it has Warhammer Online syndrome. Should run like silk but decides to chug like it’s Crysis 3 or something.

    In the few minutes I tested performance in the open beta (couldn’t be bothered, have been too sucked into WoW/raiding) I will say it didn’t run too well, or I should say, as well as I figured it would out-of-the-box on default settings in my resolution (1920×1200). Of course I didn’t do any tweaking and I’m still planning on picking up the game.

    Hopefully it’s just a driver issue and will be fixed in the next Nvidia(ati too?) update.

  9. Sorry to hear that your framerate issues have still got you down, Syp. Unfortunately things like that, where only a few people experience the problem and it works fine for most, tend to be hard to nail down from my experience.

    As far as the patch goes, as far as I’m concerned it’s not that big a deal. Firstly, I’ve found the increased challenge level is hardly insurmountable, even with my relatively under-defended munitions toon. You just need to be a bit more careful not to pull multiple groups of mobs. Secondly, if the change turns out from the metrics to have been too much, Cryptic will just tweak it again. They’ve already said they like to overcorrect, collect data from the opposing side of the problem, and then find a happy medium, so this sort of thing is to be expected, I suppose.

  10. My desktop with the 9600gt, Dual Core Intel 2.6, and 3GB of RAM seems to move along at a quite steady 45-60 FPS on high. My laptop, with the ATI 3200 (mobile-integrated of all things) can run on low at a steady 30FPS.

    I wonder exactly what combinations are having an issue, and what the common thread might be.

    I managed to hit level 11 last night though, and it was really nice to see so many people online. I hope this one fares better than WAR in retention rate.

    I found the mob-tuning to actually make the game more fun. It’s a lot less easy now, and I actually died when a Super Villain took me by surprise… there was just no defeating him and the 3 henchman that attacked me even though they were all even or lower con. Yesterday, I wouldn’t have had a scratch on me.

  11. I had the same issue with CO during CBT. I was beyond recommended specs (and I have ATI, so its not just an Nvidia problem), but the game ran as if I were below minimum specs. Keep in mind I had all the additional things turned down (shadows, lighting special effects, particles, all the fancy jazz). I kept waiting and waiting for Cryptic to catch onto this major FPS issue (after posting about it several times and seeing others posts), but nothing happened. OBT occured, and since your blog complained about the FPS, I knew it was still just as bad.

    Note to Cryptic: people won’t pay to play for your game if they can’t play it. You should have fixed this before you fixed anything else. Age of Conan made the same mistake and lost a bunch of players within the first 2 months.

  12. I’m playing on a Quad core Q9300 with a 8800 gt “alpha dog edition”. I do not have everything on max, but close, I havn’t had any real performance issues. To get the game to even work I had do download the latest video card drivers from nvidia.

  13. I’m in the same boat as you Syp. My laptop (A (early 2009) Macbook Pro (2.8 Core2 duo/4 GB RAM/nvidia 9600m gt 512MB (with the latest nvidia drivers)) running Vista on its own partition runs on average @ 19fps with settings tweaked a bit, maxing things out drops it to about 15fps, putting everything to minimums (except resolution, which stays at 1920×1200) gets it up to a whopping 21fps. This machine ran WAR with no problems whatsoever (in Windows, haven’t tried their Mac client).

    My desktop which is a 2.3ghz Core2 Duo with 2GB Ram and an nvidia 7950GT 512MB runs at about 22fps most of the time with tweaked settings. I would expect my desktop to have more troubles than my laptop since it chugs on WAR a little. I still think it should run a bit faster than 22fps… but I’m not surprised by this machine’s performance, it’s getting a bit long in the tooth 😉 But really it definitely should NOT be running anywhere close to as well as the laptop, and it is running slightly better =/

    Hope they get it fixed soon.

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