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Star Trek: This Game Will Self-Destruct In 5 Minutes

HortaSpockPAINNo, not really, I just love how frequently and without much debate do Starfleet captains go ahead and trigger the self-destruct sequence on their ships.  It’s like, “Wow, I’m having a really bad day.  Maybe if I use my position of unbridled power and start the self-destruct sequence, then cancel it with about 10 seconds to go, it’ll make me feel better.  Always fun to watch the crew run around and wet themselves in fear, for sure.”

Whether Champions succeeds, fails, goes mainstream or niche, Cryptic is certainly not putting all their space-eggs into one basket.  The profile for Star Trek Online is picking up in the media, with the closed beta confirmed for sometime later this year (which yours truly will be in), and a hopeful spring 2010 release.  Now, I’m not the biggest Trekker in the world — I used to be back in high school, but I’ve become largely disillusioned with the world of Trek, which hasn’t met a deflector dish they couldn’t reconfigure to shoot My Little Ponies out of if the script calls for it.  Yet the new movie was pretty kickin’, and I don’t think I’ll be able to resist a game that isn’t EVE where I can own, pilot and configure a spaceship to do my evil bidding.

I still maintain that there will be far, FAR more Federation players than Klingon, which only really matters when it comes to PvP, I suppose, but that will be an issue that Cryptic best keep a close eye on.  I haven’t been closely following the game, mostly because I’m not so enthralled with Star Trek as to “need” to play it, and because I like to have a selection of titles I don’t soak up tons of info on so that I can approach them with a blank slate and hope to be surprised.

Cryptic showed off a bit of this title at GamesCon, and both Zam (“The game looks absolutely amazing and is exactly what Star Trek gamers have been waiting for.”) and Eurogamer (“Star Trek Online is clearly shooting for a broad audience… though its permissiveness and flexibility might mean it lacks depth for players who like keen specialisation”) wrote up impressions.  If you haven’t been following this title closely and want a quick cheat sheet to bring you up to speed, head on over to their forums and read “Everything We Know About STO”.

6 thoughts on “Star Trek: This Game Will Self-Destruct In 5 Minutes

  1. I’d quite like something to dabble with alongside my main MMO which is will remain WAR for the forseeable and for some reason I don’t quite understand this is the other MMO I’m keen to try out.

    I’m no trekkie, far from it tbh, but it could be an interesting (but not entirely new) take on MMOs with the ship and planet based action.

  2. I’d probably go Romulan… but I think that will be an expansion. But to start, I will be Federation.

    Klingons just never were very interesting (at least in the shows). They like to fight and die in battle…. other than that not much to them.

  3. Werit please play this game, I will take personal pleasure in blasting your ship to pieces.


    Ok I love Klingons, there I said it.

  4. I have high hopes for the Star Trek MMO but I’m not sure it will deliver. It’s going to be a tough game to get right and Cryptic, although decent, don’t fill me with the same sense of confidence as Bioware or Blizzard do. Fingers crossed anyway. And I’ll just be happy if I can play a Jem’Hadar 🙂

  5. The Klingons (aside from Worf) were the most alive culture in ST from TNG onwards. Sure they had some pretty internally and externally discrimatory ideas, but that whole warrior culture thing made for some damn fine parties.

    And besides, the Klingon ships from day one were just so much cooler than the Federation ships.

    And not having to follow that annoying Prime Directive – priceless!

  6. @rivs: Oh, I’ll be playing… don’t you worry.

    @stropp: All they had was that warrior culture. I would have loved to see more about who built those ships. The Klingons held a lot of space, but we never got a glimpse into how they ran their empire. You saw other races in the federation, but what about the other ones in the Klingon empire?

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