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/AFK – Sept 20

sherlock-holmesIt’s a post of mystery and conundrums here on /AFK, where we put on our best detective hats and scour the intrawebs for the most interesting articles of the past week:

  • What makes Rowanheal grit her teeth over DDO’s Free to Play?  Find out!
  • What does Andrew think of the four MMO horsemen of September?  Find out!
  • What’s going to make Guild Wars 2 tick?  Find out!
  • What dev did Werit chat with regarding Fallen Earth?  Find out!
  • How does Spinks end her excellent series on role-playing in MMOs?  Find out!
  • What’s worse than a gold seller?  Find out!
  • What do MMOs have to teach Kanye West?  Find out!
  • What do we already know about crowd control in TOR?  Find out!
  • What zones should Champions make next, according to Anjin?  Find out!
  • Why does Spinks hate Facebook and what does that have to do with MMOs?  Find out!
  • What does Bruce MacLean spill to the great Gaarawarr?  Find out!
  • What heroes are Stropp using to save the world?  Find out!
  • Why is a blogger getting sued for telling the truth?  Find out!
  • What does Bullet Points think of Champions’ Nemesis system?  Find out!
  • How successful does KTR thinks SWG is?  Find out!
  • What does Stropp find appealing about Fallen Earth?  Find out!
  • What does a Champions Online forum thread look like when it’s dissected?  Find out!
  • Why does Rog think that block in Champions is the bee’s knees?  Find out!
  • Why hasn’t Cryptic dropped retcon prices yet?  Find out!
  • Psychochild demands “Whose responsible this!”  Find out!
  • Are you a co-worker or a friend of the Professor?  Find out!
  • What two minor details does Ferrel want to see in MMOs?  Find out!
  • How does Frank spend WAR’s first anniversary?  Find out! (NSFW)
  • What MMO re-review got an 8/10 by Eurogamer?  Find out!

2 thoughts on “/AFK – Sept 20

  1. I think the “Anatomy of a Champions Online Forum Post” forgot the posts that simply say:

    “We have to shut down ALL those beacons!”

    Hee hee. Defender.

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