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Free to Play and the DDO Store

happy_birthday_newBy all accounts, Turbine’s been doing well with the new free to play DDO Unlimited — enthusiasm for the game is up, new players are streaming in, Turbine’s raking in loads of moolah with their store, and they’ve gotten a huge chunk of free media out of it all.

I highly recommend checking out this helpful thread over on the DDO forums, where the author compiled a list of all of the free adventures (79 total), sorted by level.  The highest density of quests (dungeon adventures) are levels 1-8, with only 10 quests from levels 9-12 and an unknown, if any, amount past that point.

He also tallied up the TP cost for all the adventure packs in the game: 10,675.  So how much would it cost to just straight out buy all the adventure packs and basically unlock the entire questing content of the game (for now)?  Let’s crunch a few numbers.  For Turbine Points (TP) and the exchange rate, I did a few calculations based on what they were offering in the store as of this week (price could vary, including specials that they run on occasion):

  • 400 TP for $6.25 US = $0.015/point
  • 900 TP for $11.99 = $0.013/point
  • 1500 TP for $18.99 = $0.012/point
  • 3300 TP for $38.99 = $0.011/point

So pretty much a penny or two a point, with better deals when you buy them in higher quantities.   This means that unlocking all of the adventure packs would cost somewhere between $117 and $160, depending on what exchange rate you got.

Of course, most experienced players would tell you that unlocking everything is kind of silly for a new player — several of these quests are not liked very much and groups form for them infrequently, while others (like Tangleroot or Delera’s Tomb) are immensely popular.  Here’s a great thread that reviews the paid adventure packs, to help give you an idea of which ones are worth it.

Between my previous VIP status, my beta bonus, and whatever I favor I had accumulated with my characters, I netted around 2000 free TP to spend, and bought around 900 more.  So what did I get?

  • One large collector’s bag – A terrific space-saver, since you’ll be picking up collectables all the time (or at least, should be)
  • One large quiver – Great for ranged classes, since these DDO store quivers can hold a massive amount of ammo
  • Pink hair dye for my bard – Shell pink!  She’s adorable now.
  • Unlocked Favored Soul – Haven’t really played it yet, but it’s on my to do list.  Looks like a fun class.
  • Unlocked Three-Barrel Cove – This was on sale for 1/2 off when I bought it, and it’s a good level 3-7 questing zone.
  • Unlocked Tangleroot Gorge – Everyone always loves Tangleroot: great XP, great loot, pretty enjoyable to run.
  • Pirate bananas – +10 to haggle when worn, which is incredibly useful, especially for characters who don’t invest in haggle as a skill.  Plus, piratey!

I’ll probably snag the Delara adventure pack next, since that’s a fairly popular and often-run quest chain.

8 thoughts on “Free to Play and the DDO Store

  1. There was also a 5000 points for $50 about a week ago. It will probably run a few times a year (my guess, no proof).

    I’ll have to look into the large collectable bag. My free, small bag was full after a very short amount of time. Now I have almost an entire bag sitting full with these collectable items that do not fit into the small bag.

  2. Awesome, thank you. Apologies for the slightly snarky comment, but I was in a rush, and honestly didn’t believe it would be true. It seems I was wrong (which I’m honestly pleased about as I have a big soft spot for Turbine as an ex-AC player.)

  3. Thanks for the links! I’ve been wondering about what to get. I did buy Tangleroot on a whim, and it looks that was a good shot in the dark.

  4. Personally I’m going to attempt being patient enough to only pick up stuff that’s on sale. Only going after the stuff that’s 25-50% should save a fair chunk of cash in the long run, even though I’m fine with spending up to $15/mo on the store.

    So far I’ve been quite pleased with DDO and their store. My only complaint are that points aren’t more easily translatable to US$; IE 500 pts does not cost $5. That’s a pretty minor gripe too, I’ve been very happy with the game.


    P.S. Still waiting on Hello Kitty review.

  5. good post. for all thoughs also concidering buying large bags, note that you can get them from in game items though not untill high level. also, the general vendor in house J sells medium sized bags . of course they don’t hold as much as a large bag (the colectable holds 30), they are a considerable improvement over the small free version. while not cheap (about 85,000 gold each depending on barter skill), you should be able to save up enough by lv 7ish if you are not spending much on other stuff.

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