20 Tips for Fallen Earthers


  1. Don’t judge the game by the tutorial.  It’s not a bad tutorial, per se, but it really is not representative of the game past that.
  2. Make sure to open your Action menu (N) and drag down the skills to your hotbar — they aren’t automatically added, and the action menu is easy to miss!
  3. On your stat sheet is a drop-down box that lets you choose a build, and then provides helpful visual indicators of where to put your AP in order to create that build.
  4. Park your horse/ATV at a garage (gas can icon) — you can’t put your mount back in your inventory after using it.
  5. Use a melee item early on in the game to save ammo (trust me, you’ll do just fine DPS-wise)
  6. Loot and harvest everything!  Try not to buy crafting mats, as they should be readily available for the taking if you look around.
  7. Since crafting is real-time and occurs whether you’re online or not, try to always be crafting, and fill up your crafting queue before you log off.  Crafting not only levels up your skills, but gives you XP!
  8. Right-click on an item in your inventory and select it as “precious” so that you can’t accidentally sell it.
  9. ALT+holding your right mouse button allows you to swivel the camera to see your character’s front.
  10. You can (and should) salvage crafting items you make but don’t plan to use for more materials.
  11. Click, drag and resize your action bar box to open up additional rows of hotkey slots.
  12. Most of the UI elements can be moved, resized and made transparent.
  13. When dual-wielding, hold down both mouse buttons to attack with both weapons.
  14. How to spec your character?  A good general set of guidelines to follow would be to: Pick One Offensive Skill. (Rifle, Pistol, Melee); Pick One or Both of the non-mutation based defensive skills. (Armor Use, Dodge); Pick at least One support/buffing/debuff skill. (Group Tactics, First Aid, Empathic, Primal); Add only to Four or Five stats that support the skills you’ve picked. Try to make sure the skills you pick work in synergy to the stats that support them. Six is far too many (You wont’ have points for anything else) and Three is far too few. (Even if you don’t use Coordination for the defensive skills, you’ll need Willpower for the Defensive Mutations)
  15. If you’re not in a rush to get to Sector 2, then take the time to go around to all of the starter towns and do the quests.  Not only will you end up with lots of XP, money and crafting recipes, but you’ll net quite a few character-building bonus AP, which will help you out severely as you progress to higher levels.
  16. It helps to get a mount early, and horses are fairly easy to make.  When you craft your first horse, upgrade the bridle to an improved bridle to get a better horse (once you “use” the bridle, you can’t work on that horse any more, and the improved version of the starter horse only requires one more item).
  17. Your mount has an inventory (it’s on the mount interface under “info”).  Shove heavy stuff in here to free up your own pack space.
  18. If you find a cool place that you want to remember, open your tactical map (M) and right click on it to place a waypoint.  Alt-P lets you switch between waypoints.
  19. Explore.  Go off the beaten path.  Don’t get obsessed with just quests, as exploring can net you a bounty of resources, and the thrill of discovering secret little areas.
  20. For more Fallen Earth tips, check out this thread and this thread on the official forums, and this post over at Massively.

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5 thoughts on “20 Tips for Fallen Earthers

  1. James September 25, 2009 / 3:13 pm

    I played the Beta of FE for a while, and it really is a wonderful game. Sure wish there was more time in the day to play more MMOs 😦

  2. Rog September 25, 2009 / 7:46 pm

    *takes notes for later*

  3. P. George Stewart August 19, 2010 / 10:52 am

    A real surprise this game. I’ve been pretty jaded with MMOs recently, and I wasn’t expecting much when I downloaded the trial, but I can’t stop playing it, and have subbed.

    Good bits so far: big, seamless world, integrated crafting (normally, I hardly ever craft in games); great sense of immersion; very well-written quest text with good stories, oddball, engaging characters and black humour a la Fallout; nice balance between hand-holding and leaving you on your own to figure things out; great community; great graphics (when maxed).

    Bad bits: lack of PvE grouping (at least at lower levels); still somewhat buggy; combat, AI pathing, etc., a bit flakey sometimes (but again, on the good side, the devs are very active in squashing bugs when they’re brought to their attention).

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