15 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Really? I only remember login queues on Brandywine and they certainly weren’t hours in duration…

    But hey, Aion launched *for real* a year ago overseas. We’re just getting the “spent the past year fixing things up” version.

  2. The average person doesn’t know that. The average person still compares this game to WoW, and the average perseon doesn’t even know which came first, WoW or EQ.

    In terms of smoothness (in OUR region) it was smooth. The only hitch was queues. Mainly, largely in fact, due to the population of a large country MC Hammering every server.

  3. I don’t think Aion could interest me less.

    As for launches, Champions is by far the smoothest I’ve ever experienced.

  4. For all of you hating on Aion, they fixed the queues by reducing the limit on the private stores to 30 minutes, so people aren’t abusing them anymore. It’s also only a few servers with those ridiculous queues – I haven’t had a single one on my server. Other than that, no lag, smooth as silk, everything works fine.

  5. I wonder if everyone excusing Aion’s queues because they’re only on a few servers will go back and give WAR a pass for the same issues?

  6. @moop1167: The point, to me at least, is that some people want to see a game succeed so badly that they’ll redefine the English language to put in a positive spin and declare a milestone that’s actually fictional.

    I don’t see a lot of hate here, just disdain for fanboy attitudes.

    If NCSoft is quickly addressing the issues, that’s great and IMHO more important than anything else. It doesn’t retroactively change how the launch went. The declaration Keen is making is patently absurd.

  7. Finally something positive about Aion on Syp’s blog! Other than the queues on some servers, its been the most smooth MMO launch I have ever seen, especially for a faction based PvP game.

    Not only is there little lag, server drops and other technical problems, but the servers are balanced faction wise. That, in and of itself, is a feat that most faction based PvP MMOs can not achieve.

  8. If you consider queues to be a huge launch problem then it’s probably not a good launch for you. I don’t see queues as a problem, so the launch is smooth.

    However, if you consider queues to be a huge launch problem then you likely have a small understanding of the big picture.

  9. Yeah, my launch woes involved some lag in the opening minutes of the headstart, one DC. That’s about it.

    The people who think the launch was horrible aren’t from my server, anyways.

  10. I’m surprised Keen said that as he had his fair share of troubles including a big one with AT&T not letting him connect. Combined with the queues and strange language issues, it’s been a bit bumpy.

    No major screw ups and bugs etc which is maybe what he’s referring to.

  11. Besides the queues the first couple days, its been smooth sailing otherwise. No major downtime to fix server issues, no lag affecting everyone, no gamebreaking bugs. The fix to private stores killed the queues very quickly. NCSoft’s response was great on that.

    The game truly is better then I ever expected, though because I switched to a different server to be with friends, I have yet to see past level 25, so its possible my opinion could always change. I used to be on Syp’s side of the fence and didn’t show any interest at all, but this game has proven me wrong in so many ways.

  12. @We Fly Spitfires — I think Keen blames AT&T for the connection issues, not NCsoft. Also, I haven’t noticed a single language issue myself, but then I care about squat for quest text. 😛

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