/AFK – Sept 27

lf1mIt was the best of launch weeks, it was the worst of launch weeks.  Whether your tastes run toward the been-there-done-that familiarity of Aion, the rough frontier of Fallen Earth, the frustratingly fun Champions, or the refurbished DDO, we close out an excellent month of bold new MMOs.

  • Blue Kae re: Blogaversary –  “Today marks the one year anniversary of the site.”
  • Slashcry Champions re: Champions – “One of the more interesting gameplay mechanics in Champions is how the NPC enemies have a ‘tell’ while they charge up their attack.”
  • Darth Hater re: TOR – “Star Wars fans hold the belief that Jedi and Sith should be the best at every aspect of the game”
  • PvD re: WoW – “The year-long ordeal is over. The Violet Proto-Drake, with its coveted 310% flight speed, is mine.”
  • Yeebo re: DDO – “This time, I am sorry to say, the whiners are correct.”
  • Eurogamer re: Aion – “It turns out that’s just as well, because it’s all sheen; the depth is an illusion, a reflection in its brightly polished surface.”
  • Gamespot re: TOR – “The irony of being alone in an MMO is inescapable. Being a loner is OK, but feeling lonely is not.”
  • Elder Game re: Champions – “Cryptic needs to throw players a lifeline here. And fast.”
  • NecroRogIcon re: Launches – “Perseverance after launch pays off.”
  • KiaSA re: Cataclysms – “Auto Assault is planning to re-launch with an amazing world-changing event”
  • Eurogamer re: WoW – “The downtime cost approximately $150,000 every day.”
  • Ixobelle re: Job Hunting – “I’m down in Los Angeles, trying to storm the front gates at Blizzard”
  • Brad McQuaid re: Vanguard – “Under-population is much worse than over-population.”
  • Dave re: Fallen Earth – “So far I’ve been quite taken by the concept of this MMO”
  • Frank re: TOR – “My support is thrown behind 2011 as the possible TOR release date.”
  • Chris re: Grouping – “I love grouping, talking in vent, and generally being a community member instead of just a player.”
  • Ferrel re: Guild Leadership – “Dealing with bad officers is an extremely difficult task.”
  • Spinks re: Crowd Control – “But there is also a resistance among the playerbase to CC in PvE”
  • Tesh re: Magic – “When nearly anyone can get a hold of significantly powerful magic, it would change social structures.”
  • Wall of Text re: WAR – “Note the picture to your right, which depicts me eating those words.”
  • TAGN re: Corpse Spam – “Now it is just vandalism that I keep seeing over and over.”
  • Dusty re: Champions – “It’s probably the MMO I will play the most, but be most reluctant about playing, in the next several months.”
  • Bullet Points re: Champions – “What the hell is wrong with you?”
  • Spouse Aggro re: Fires – “It gives our games a sense of realism simply because it reminds us of real life.”
  • Game by Night re: Aion – “Leveling has all of the charm of WoW and more, which is saying something.”
  • BURN!

P.S. – Check out Snafzg’s new project over at the Aion Leveling Guide.  I’ll give you three guesses what it’s about.

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