LOTRO: Siege of Sherwood Forest

robin-hoodWow, it’s been a while since we’ve talked about LOTRO in any way, shape or form on this blog, huh?  That doesn’t mean I dislike the title — on the contrary, it’s one of the more solid and interesting fantasy MMOs out there.  I just hit a point where I didn’t want to progress any further, and with the ongoing expansions, I felt hopelessly behind.

But if LOTRO is your bag, you’re probably happy today to hear that the new mini-expansion, Siege of Mirkwood, now has a launch date: December 1.  This is obviously the result of last year’s statement by Turbine’s Jeffrey Steefel, who promised a new expansion every year from now on.  This seems to be cheating that promise a bit — a much smaller expansion, sort of a glorified chunky content update — but at least they did get something out (or hopefully will) by the end of 2009.

Also note that Turbine is bringing back their $199 lifetime subscription, which is still a good deal if you’re into the game, as LOTRO undoubtedly has many years of life left to it.  If they had done this earlier this year, I probably would’ve bit, so I guess I’ve saved myself a couple hundred bucks.  They’ve also added a couple of really sweet incentives:

  • Any current or former player who renews or upgrades their subscription to any multi-month plan by October 31st gets the Siege of Mirkwood digital expansion for FREE!
  • All players can pre-order the new LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack which contains 2 character slots and one shared storage slot that allows players to share items with all of their characters on the same server for $19.99 and get the Harbinger’s Cloak which provides 8% speed boost and the Dusky Nimblefoot Goat mount for FREE!
  • Starting today, existing Lifetime Members who pre-order the LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack get the Siege of Mirkwood digital expansion plus two in-game items (Harbinger’s Cloak which provides an 8% speed boost and a new mount) for FREE!

I can’t argue with their promotions — Turbine’s always putting out excellent deals for both LOTRO and DDO!

3 thoughts on “LOTRO: Siege of Sherwood Forest

  1. I bit the bullet on the lifetime subscription about a year ago when it was $299, regretted the huge purchase and cancelled it the next day, then bought it again the next month for $199 on some promotion they had running. I don’t play it all the time but I don’t regret dropping the cost. It’s a mental weight off my shoulders to not have to pay by the month and it’s wonderful to know that there’s always the option there if I get bored somewhere else.

    If I’m understanding right, I can preorder the “Adventure Pack” for the same cost as the expansion itself and get the free stuff? Sounds like a good deal. I preorder games all the time, so I might bite on this one 🙂

  2. i love Disneys “Robin Hood” so much that i fully adore this post. even i never past LOTRO past trial account.

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