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The Barrens Chat Hypothesis

This states that the first few weeks following any MMO’s launch will see a large increase of trolls, troublemakers and flamers populate general/regional/zone chat with inflammatory arguments that typically revolve around sex, religion, politics, Chuck Norris and a 3rd grader’s understanding of how the world actually works.

Then things get better as their stupidity kills their brains and they lose the ability to type.

10 thoughts on “The Barrens Chat Hypothesis

  1. Should there also be a rule that during the launch week of any MMO, the main topic of general chat will almost constantly be WoW?

    Because that’s how it is in Aion. People talk more about WoW in Aion general chat than people talk about WoW *in WoW*.

  2. I really prefer the community after the first month expires.

    No matter what the MMORPG, it’s just far more pleasant to converse and interact with the actual playerbase of the game.

  3. “Then things get better as their stupidity kills their brains and they lose the ability to type.”

    God I hope that’s true – because watching Aion’s general chat atm is like getting slapped in the face, over and over and over again.

  4. Agree whole heartidly, which is why ive disabled all of the general channels on Aion so far. Ill turn them back on in a month or so to see how different it is.

  5. Fallen Earth’s New Player channels like that too. All they talk about is WoW and Aion… then the GM’s butt in and remind everyone that it’s for New Player Questions only

  6. I’m with Llokki on that one.

    I generally turn off whatever channel that has the shock talk and stupidity. For me, the annoyance of the chat channel far outweighs it’s usefulness.

  7. Hatch has it 100% correct. The number one topic of conversation in brand new MMOs is WoW.

    I remember during WAR’s first few weeks of open beta and launch, how quiet the chat channels were. The main conversations I remember were all about how bad WoW sucked and who should go back to it… ironic because hardly anyone spoke to one another about WAR itself.

    One in particular that I remember, during Nordenwatch. Someone said “guys we need more defense at the castle,” and someone else responded “stfu this isn’t WoW.” I lol’d irl at that one… like, c’mon people, can’t you talk about anything else or are you so obsessed with hating wow that you can’t even think about anything else?

  8. I agree with Hatch and Royal. It´s one of the many reasons i dislike the WoW community. I just hope these fools will go back to their holy game and leave the rest alone…

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