Tuesday Tidbits

signupsBecause sometimes you don’t want to talk a lot about one thing, so you spread the linguistic love around.

Apparently Funcom is laying off 20% of its workforce, a move that will undoubtably (further) shake confidence in the MMO developer.  What’s worse is that this will bump The Secret World’s development back a few month at least.  Past the tragedy of folks losing their jobs, this is disappointing because it seemed as though Funcom was starting to pick up a lot of good press and word of mouth concerning TSW, but a story like this will only infuse past rancor toward the developer (i.e. “Failcom”, etc.).  Here’s hoping TSW will rise to the surface nonetheless — it really looks like an intruiging title.

If I was still playing KOTOR 2 (which I am not — my interest tapered off, and now I’m waiting for Dragon Age for my next single-player RPG fix), then the news of the beta of the Restored Content Project would be of interest to me.  KOTOR 2 had to rush to ship by a certain date, which meant that the developer had to cut a lot of content from the end of the game, giving it an abrupt tone.  Players have since taken this cut (but available) content and been working at restoring it back into the full version.  Good for them.

Speaking of The Old Republic, apparently BioWare slipped (or did they?) and briefly posted a notice concerning testing signups for TOR.  It was quickly taken down, but there’s like a million hawks watching that game, so the news (and screenshots) are out, and the only question is if (a) this is real, (b) if it’ll be officially announced this week, and (c) how many catfights will ensue over getting into this beta?  This is notable because it will represent a milestone on the way to launch, and perhaps indicate that launch is closer than we suspected (for my money, I’m voting fall 2010).

And finally, because Sony doesn’t just want to keep us guessing with EverQuest 3, it’s now out that they’re possibly/probably working on Planetside 2.  I never played the game, and considering its small population, a lot of people didn’t, but there’s a rabid group of fans that continue to tout this game to this day, so I bet they’re in a tizzy over this.  I just have to wonder what SOE hopes to gain from developing a sequel to a low-pop MMO, if they indeed are.  I would imagine that a complete overhaul of the game, a la Ultima Online’s Kingdom Reborn, would be more appropriate and useful.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. A low pop high loyalty MMO can be quite profitable.

    Also, Planetside was really cool, but I think it was limited by the fact that unless you have a really hot system (by 2002 standards) the lag once you got to the good bits was immense.

  2. I think I played Planetside for about a 1/2 hour before I canceled. This was not for the concept, but the fact that my system wouldn’t handle it and you can’t play a “mmofps” with lag.

    I absolutely love the concept though and would definitely give it a go if they create a sequel.

  3. Its real, confirmed as you probably already know from Twitter. Their servers were instantly crushed, and now simply display the lovely message of “SWTOR.com is currently unavailable while we perform scheduled maintenance. Please check back again soon!”

    WTB more hamsters to turn the wheels at BioWare’s web hosting facility!

  4. When I posted this Planetside 2 news the other day, I was surprised about the immediate response bagging on the game. I played it and enjoyed it. But it was totally group driven, and I’m a solo kind of guy, so I didn’t stick around for too long.

    But I thought it was a pretty decent game. Of course some of the people giving it a thumbs down first tried it a year or so ago, when it was already what? 5 years old? I think you have to cut a game that old some slack…

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