Getting Into A Guild (Part 2)

The+Guild_0This is a continuation of a poll I posted last week, asking readers for their most common method of finding guilds.  Here’s a breakdown of the results, along with my personal experiences in these areas:

29% Research or Post on Forums

This was by far the largest percentage, which surprised me just a bit — I would’ve thought more people hunt around for a guild in game, but I guess not.  For some games I have certainly prowled the forums, especially prior to launch (what else is there to do?), and agonized over which guild to apply for.

Note to guild leaders: I admire and respect a guild that does have an interview/application process, but there’s a limit to how insanely tedious that process can become.  When you’re forcing me to jump through a week-long series of hoops to join your little club, chances are I’m going to head over to a competitor guild and enjoy it more.

22% Go To Whatever Guild Their Friends Are In

Nowadays, this is my most common way to select a guild, via friend networking.  It’s sometimes frustrating when you have good friends in more than one guild (or worse, in more than one guild across different factions or servers), forcing you to choose.

15% Are In A Multi-MMO Guild

This certainly makes things easier, for sure.  For instance, I was briefly a member of The Old Timers Guild (OTG), who would create a chapter in most major MMOs whenever they launched.  There’s little to no stress about finding a guild when you have one guaranteed pretty much wherever you go.  The only problem is finding enough members to support all of those games.

14% Sign Up From In-Game Guild Recruit Messages

Even though these are often frowned upon by more “serious” guilds and people who hate guild recruit spam, it certainly does offer ease of access.  I truly wish more MMOs would include features to let guilds post recruitment messages on some sort of in-game bulletin board, to help cut down on the spam but assist players in finding a guild home without resorting to forum hunting.

12% Go Solo, No Guild

Fair enough.  I see a lot of guildless players, enough to know that a guild isn’t a necessity for all.

6% Seek A Guild Through General Game Chat

I used to do this in games like WoW, because an interesting and well-posted headhunter notice would sometimes get the eye of the guilds I was specifically seeking.  I’d usually get laughed at when I’d be requesting the attention of guilds who were “mature, friendly, helpful and have a quirky sense of humor”, but I’d also get private tells from folks saying “Yup, that’s us, and you need to belong as part of our guild!”

2% Start Their Own Guild

Whew… I started a guild once, and it was work, work, work.  Then again, having a great vision for a guild, coupled with a handful of trustworthy officers, could culminate in a terrific group of players — netting you satisfaction unlike anything else in the game.

9 thoughts on “Getting Into A Guild (Part 2)

  1. I wonder if there was a bit of self selection in the survey. Those of us who follow gaming blogs and responded to your survey are probably more likely to also follow game forums.

  2. Might just be that people who read blogs, including yours, also like prowling through forums and guild websites :). I’m just reminded of a poll the European LOTRO forums asking what rank people held in their current guild, and a majority seemed to be officers or leaders – apparently they also have bigger incentives to read forums :p.

  3. For what it’s worth, as an avowed soloer, I’m not really big on guilds. That said, I made my own crew (guild) in Puzzle Pirates. Of course, it’s just for mechanical reasons. I can’t sail my own ship the way I want to if I’m crewless, but I don’t want to deal with inane crew chat and politics.

    The only solution was to make my own crew. Strange, but whatever works. (Consequently, guilds are only useful to me inasmuch as they facilitate my soloing and exploration itches. Funny how that works.)

    When I play WoW or something like that, where a guild is unnecessary unless I’m raiding (which I don’t care for), I just don’t have a guild at all.

  4. Oh, and yes, it’s a crew of one.

    My GW guild is just my wife, my friend and I. That’s just so we can use the guild chat channel if we need to scatter for whatever reason.

    -Tesh, using “guilds” for soloing ends since 2006

  5. “29% Research or Post on Forums

    This was by far the largest percentage, which surprised me just a bit — I would’ve thought more people hunt around for a guild in game, but I guess not.”

    Well don’t forget your demographic here. The people that this pole surveyed are not the majority of gamers. Which I’d still venture that the majority of gamers find their guild via an in-game source of some kind. However, the gamers that read multi-mmo blogs such as Bio Break, well they’re probably a bit more prone to going the extra mile and doing the extra research.

  6. I’ve found the guilds where anyone can join to be rather lame affairs, not just in the achievement (nonexistent) category, but also in the bonhomie that a good guild should always have. They are placeholder guilds, and that’s all.

  7. Running a guild is a lot of hard work and stress and I have great admiration for people who run big time guilds. I’ve done it a couple of times and always ended up walking about from it. Too much stress.

  8. Having a pre-existing guild has definitely made things easier for me.

    Previous to that, the old trial and error method had sporadic results.

  9. I tend to create guilds as I almost never find existent guild that suit my way of seeing things. And each time I think I will never do it again, as it is work and stress, and time I’m not actually playing ! For me, forums and blogs are part of the game too, as all guildmates can’t be connected at the same time, and a forum presentation is needed to be accepted. Within the years, we are moving towards a small MMO community, wich is much easier for starting on a new game.

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