15 thoughts on “My Son, The Jedi Master

  1. My fiancée found this the other night in Target, and I almost bought it in preparation for our children, no matter how many years away they are. We got into a discussion about how, despite what the child wants or what is cute or going on at the time, our firstborn WILL have that as a costume his/her first Halloween.

  2. I love the ears!

    This is the kind of picture your son in later life will thank you for! No “regular” childrens clothes for him – you dress your son as a Jedi.

  3. Nicely done sir! I’m saving the Darth Vader costume from thinkgeek.com for my 2nd sons second halloween.


    You’ve all fallen for Syp Jnr’s Jedi mind tricks! Fools!

    “There is no smell in the immediate vicinity. This is not the diaper you’re looking for. Here, have some cake. Move along.”

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