/AFK – October 18

dunk tank guy under waterImmersion?  You young whippersnappers want “immersion” in your games?  How ’bout I hog tie you and drop you into the middle of a clown rodeo, and see how “immersed” you get by the time Big Bozo arrives with his branding iron!

Oh, and here are a few articles that caught my eye this past week:

  • Pete re: Immersion – “But a lot of what Fallen Earth does is ‘wrong’ by the standards players demand from modern games. And yet people who try it out tend to stick with it.”
  • Stabbed Up re: DDO – “Now what’s nice about this is it’s effectively a lifetime sub.”
  • Bootae re: Aion – “It could have the best end game ever, but why go there if the journey is an epic chore?”
  • Psychochild re: Adventure – “Luke didn’t broadcast on /lfg before heading into Jabba’s palace to try to save his friends.”
  • MMOmisanthrope re: Loot – “You let players construct virtual things, or somehow restrict existing things to a form of ownership as a reward.”
  • Frank re: Chat – “I had so much fun the last time I decided to start screenshotting chat windows that I think I’ll just keep on doing it.”
  • Incoming Pull re: Fallen Earth – “Because of this tie to reality, I actually feel like I am trying to, not only live in a wasteland, but survive.”
  • Slashcry re: Champions – “It reminds me of a more open WoW actually.”
  • Spinks re: Gold DKP – “If there’s one thing that might make running an old raid instance more palatable, it is getting a nice cash pot at the end of the run.”
  • MMORPG.com re: Top 10 MMOs Since WoW –  “It may not be the biggest MMO ever, but no matter how big the IP, MMO fans wouldn’t have stuck with it this long had it not done a few things right.”
  • Darren re: Fallen Earth – “I think it’s safe to give this game a very high recommendation to try out.”
  • Wolfshead re: Blizzard – “So why is Blizzard so special? What do they do that is so different from the rest of the industry?”
  • Hawley re: Aion – “And for once I’m finding it difficult to put this into words; It just doesn’t sing to me.”
  • Spouse Aggro re: F2P MMOs – “DDO’s recent success shows that F2P is (like I have always said hehe) a viable option.”
  • Stargrace re: Friends – “I’ve always said that my friends are what make games absolutely amazing for me.”
  • Chris re: Fallen Earth – “Taken as a whole, I really enjoyed the introduction Icarus Studios has crafted.”
  • Darth Hater re: TOR – “While there may certainly be new and unusual planets created solely for The Old Republic, hopefully we will be able to revisit some of those we already knew about while questing in a galaxy a far, far away.”
  • Kill Ten Rats re: Underwater Combat – “The z-axis is appearing more and more in MMOs as another dimension to be explored.”
  • Bullet Points re: Champions – “If the rewards are good enough, you would have players looking forward to their characters dying.”
  • Evizaer re: DDO – “Throughout, I feel like a child in a candy store.”
  • Screaming Monkeys re: WoW – “In the end, the Argent tournament killed WoW for me.”
  • Hardcore Casual re: Aion – “If you bought Aion, you are telling NCSoft and the genre as a whole ‘more of the same please’.”
  • Dusty re: Free to Play – “But the business model they are employing is, I firmly believe, the future of MMO’s.”

And this past week on Mutant Reviewers was a special theme week — Bad Sequels Week!  Check it out:

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