/AFK – October 25

champions_cussIt’s about time that someone put a stop to the epidemic of NPC cursing in MMOs, so salutes all around to Cryptic for making that happen!

In other news, here’s a few articles and posts that caught my eye this past week:

  • Cedarstreet re: First Impressions – “It’s the introduction phase that is really the ‘make-or-break’ for any MMO.”
  • Prof. Beej re: LFM/LFG – “You’re not LFM (looking for more) if all you have are DPS classes; you’re just LFG (looking for a group) because without a tank or a healer, there is no group to speak of.”
  • Elder Game re: Champions – “If Champions is around two years from now, it’s because the producer made the right calls during these first three months of the game.”
  • Random Shots re: Champions – “Sharks! With laser beams on their heads! If that doesn’t make you want to play Champions, then good riddance. I want nothing to do with you.”
  • RPS re: Fallen Earth – “So it would be entirely wrong to call Fallen Earth Fallout: the MMO.”
  • Don’t Fear the Mutant re: Champions – “I’ve lost all faith in that the devs have any clue what they are doing.”
  • Kotaku re: Addiction – “The reason I quit was because I was tired of making excuses for being late, and I just wanted to play EverQuest.”
  • Chris re: Characters – “Even though I don’t plan on returning to the MUD I used to play, I’d be upset if my character there were deleted.”
  • Muckbeast re: Champions – “If CO were a stock, I’d be selling short right now.”
  • Gordon re: Holidays – “Nothing like seeing an Ogre wearing a Santa Claus hat to utterly destroy the illusion of a scary opponent.”
  • PvD re: EQ2 – “In particular, NOTD features three solo instance – haunted houses and a new hedge maze – that feature some serious puzzle-solving.”
  • Frank re: STO – “Comparing this to, say, Star Wars: The Old Republic from Bioware, the amount of exposure the two games are getting is like night and day.”
  • Bronte re: Champions – “Combat in Champions Online is a visceral, perhaps at times over-simplified, but thoroughly enjoyable experience.”
  • Dusty re: DDO – “Chuckle at yourself and everyone else that’s running around going SWOOSH SWOOSH SWOOSH all the time.”
  • Ferrel re: Quests – “The biggest annoyance I have with quests are pre-requisites.”
  • Darth Hater re: TOR – “BioWare knows and understands its community as well as anyone, and it is possible that they might have a surprise up their sleeves.”
  • Genda re: WoW – “Is this an opportunity or a pain for them?”
  • Spinks re: Spoilers – “Spoilers are a very personal issue for both geeks and non-geeks alike.”
  • TOR Online re: WoW – “Competition is good for both parties as mutual success strengthens the industry.”
  • Ysharros re: Principles – “And yes, cybering in drood cat-form in Stormwind’s main square is hurting my playtime. I’m still scarred from what I saw. Get a damn room.”

And don’t miss out on what’s been happening over at Mutant Reviewers:

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