Positive Peer Pressure and Torchlight

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No! You can't pressure me into playing the trumpet too!

I really wasn’t planning on getting Torchlight right away, but the constant and seemingly unceasing stream of comments and exaltations and gushings and general swooning in the blogosphere has convinced me otherwise.  So as of right now, a copy is downloading to my computer, which will probably finish five minutes before I have to go.

I’m just generally excited and proud of the Runic team.  They’ve had a really rough go of it, with the Flagship/Mythos going belly-up thing, and I was just a huge fan of Mythos last year, so I can’t imagine what it felt like for them to have to abandon their baby and essentially start all over.  I also like the fact that they brought on board the guy who did Fate, because some of his mechanics (namely the pet system) called for being used again in a future game.

I am going to take Arbitrary and Spinks’ advice, and do the game on hard instead of normal for something resembling a challenge.

Speaking of peer pressure and former Flagship employees, it seems as though even Bill Roper isn’t immune to the comments and skepticism romping around the internet about Cryptic’s C-Store, costumes and retcons.  He posted a pretty detailed State of the Game, in which you can clearly read the subtext of “Don’t freak out!  We’re giving you free stuff!  We do listen to you!” underlying everything.

19 thoughts on “Positive Peer Pressure and Torchlight

  1. Fate! Thank you! I’ve been sifting through my brain for several days after reading some of the features of the game (pets, fish that turn you pet into something else, only stat requirements for gear, unsocketing that can save the gem or the item) that I knew were in a game I had played several years ago and I could not come up with the title.

    Not that it matters what it was, just that I can stop rummaging around in there.

  2. I’ve still managed to not buy the game…. Dragon Age is out next week, and that’s on preorder. Not sure that I want both on the go at once. It’s sooooo tempting tho.

  3. The general ramblings of the blogosphere made me jump ship and purchase it also. It’s currently sitting at 100% loaded in steam, but I’ve been dutifully catching up in Google Reader (I was bad and ignored it yesterday) and twitter first.

    Main reason I was so set against getting it is that typically? I only enjoy the ARPG genre in a MP setting, with friends. (That, and also that I just bought Borderlands to kinda sorta fill this niche. Verdict on that? Awesome.)

    But yeah. Peer Pressure. It’s a power force, even outside of highschool!

  4. It’s a fun game. Lost 2 hours to it last night. What I’m really looking forward to is seeing what the modding community does with it; as well as what thier mmo ends up like.

    Hopefully they can do more with it than Dungeon Runners – which I liked but always felt like it could have been more than it was.

  5. At the exact same time Bill Roper was posting his “everything is great” State of the Game post, the community manager was posting on the forums:

    “Yes, we know everything is breaking and you are all happy. We are changing everything. Just give us time.”

    Bill Roper is clueless, a liar, or both.

  6. Thanks for the reply Syp. Would you recommend the site as the place to buy the game or Steam? Which appears to be safer in terms of account security?

  7. Or through Steam.

    Fate was pretty meh, but all is forgiven with Torchlight. Doing crits on my Alchemist is so much fun, with the *crunch* and the lightning going EVERYWHERE. And when mobs start pouring out of walls and holes, the blood starts pumping in more ways than one.

    Finished floor 7 last night – fortunately, I had the willpower to stop and go to bed 🙂

  8. I know it’s a single-player RPG (of sorts) but once you download & install, you don’t need to be connected to the ‘net to play, yes?

    From what I know of Steam you apparently need to be logged in to play any games you get through them. I don’t mind that with an MMO, but I fail to see why I need to login to an online account to play a single-player offline game.

  9. Offline mode is worthless. If the client isn’t updated (which it is every couple of days), offline mode doesn’t work. If you lose your internet, you’re stuck, even though the *game* doesn’t need it.

  10. @Tesh
    That’s what confuses me – if you operate Steam in offline mode, how does it know when it needs to be updated? If I switch to “offline mode” and run off to some deserted island, the client shouldn’t find a way to lock me out of the game :/

  11. It *shouldn’t*, but it does. Even in offline mode, Steam checks the internet on startup, and if you’re not updated, it refuses to work until updated. It’s not truly an “offline” mode in any sense of the word, and it’s one of the few things that make me despise Steam, even amidst its excellent facets.

    Then again, maybe I’m doing it wrong, but so far, I’ve not been able to get it to work.

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