Bullets and You: A Love Story

rolandIn Stephen King’s seven-part opus The Dark Tower, his main character Roland is a “gunslinger” who is traveling through a post-apocalyptic world on a singular quest.  One of the challenges he runs into in the first few books is the shortage of bullets for his twin six-shooters, which is of particular concern seeing as how it’s hard to be a gunslinger without, ya know, working guns.

I’ve thought a lot about The  Dark Tower as I’ve tromped through Fallen Earth, as I imagine quite a few other King fans have as well.  My character is a gunslinger of sorts, relying almost exclusively  on a pair of sidearms (as well as a sawed-off shotgun and a revolver) for defense and attack.  And as Roland struggled with finding enough ammunition, so the acquisition of bullets is a constant struggle in FE.

As a result, my character has honed ammo-making down to a science.  Light ammo is not too difficult to make, although you do need to be diligent in gathering the mats and producing large batches of it, since it’s easy to go through bullets like crazy in even a single play session.  There are four mats to get or buy:

  • Weak Biologic Material – drops off critters, particularly if you harvest them after looting them
  • Weak Geological Material – can come from scavenging nodes or geologic nodes
  • Scrap Lead – geologic nodes, as well as various drops from creatures/people
  • Scrap Copper – ditto

Two of these are pretty cheap if you want to buy them (copper/geologic material), but the biologic and lead will certainly cost you,  especially when you start buying them in large bulk.  Therefore, as always, it’s a good idea to scavenge all the mats for free.

It’s important to time your bullet crafting well.  Making gunpowder is quick — a minute or less for each.  I usually focus on doing a lot of gunpowder while I’m playing, making as many batches as I can.  Crafting the actual bullets is considerably longer (10-13 minutes each, resulting in 80 bullets), so I queue those up at the end of a play session to build while I’m offline.

So I just wanted to drop a tip — the town of Coppermine has a (guess what?) mine nearby that holds all four of these resources.  Geology nodes and ants abound, and if you spend a lot of time in there, you’ll come away with full bags and a happy heart.  The great thing is that the nodes respawn quickly, and an even greater thing is that there’s a quest chain that sends you into an instanced version of the mine that you can harvest to your heart’s content.

12 thoughts on “Bullets and You: A Love Story

  1. Good tips, i have a pistols character too and i’m glad to hear find that spot for copper. Keep up the FE blogs i enjoy them.

  2. That’s funny, Roland was the first thing I thought of back when I saw the early screenshots of FE. Dual six-shooters, a duster, and that hat… too bad the character creator doesnt let you make a character with a ring and pinky finger missing on the right hand…

  3. Beej, FE has painkillers that add +15 health for one hour 😉

    I never cared much for Stephen King (I’m a pansy when it comes to horror) until my friend introduced me to The Dark Tower and hot damn that was one hell of a ride.

    If only Dusters didn’t give -1 coordination 😦

    *makes a note to check out Coppermine instead of running all the way back to Odenville*

  4. Heyo! My character is specializing in pistols too! 😀 I’m surprised that you weren’t lured in by the shiny of the sniper rifle.

  5. You really need to get to the more efficient ammo skills in Ballistics. For a minimal increase in mats you double your output. The Economic tier, skill around 60, yields 180 bullets per unit. I am not sure what Efficient(?) produces but it should be even better and iirc has a skill around 120.

    Its also important to note the different ammos of the same type (regular light will not stack with economic light for example) do not stack. An additional tip I happened upon with Heavy ammo. To ‘carry’ alot of ammo but not be burdend with its weight is to keep a few batches crafted in the que ready to be completed. Complete them when you are in a pinch for ammo. The downside is that it clogs up a portion of your crafting que but can be invaluable in a pinch.

  6. @Sarzan
    “Hammer space” is a wonderful thing 🙂 I forgot to check the materials needed for efficient ammo, though. I know it still uses 1 Gunpowder, but if the copper/lead requirements are twice as much as the regular then there isn’t much benefit, since the crafting time is also twice as long. You do use up fewer slots in your crafting queue, though.

    The non-stacking issue is such a drag, especially when I’m running low on inventory slots and I end up having to toss all the extra ammo I pick up :/

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