10 thoughts on “Fallen Earth Joins The “No Elves Club”

  1. If I can make it another two weeks without buying this game I’ll be amazed. Reading your blog (along with lurking the FE forums) makes me want to give it a try more and more.

    I want to see how they handle player housing and what they plan to do with item decay first, though. These are a couple big things for me.

    I’m on the Torchlight bandwagon, too. It’s amazingly fun.

  2. Now I feel like little prancing elves should randomly spawn throughout the world to be killed.

  3. Syp I just want you to know that I bought FE on Steam two days ago and have lost copious amounts of sleep because of it.

    Thanks, I love this game.

  4. This is a deal breaker for me. I love elves in a post-apctolyptic setting. We should all look into our deepest feelings and touch our inner elf side. You know you love them.

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